«People help the people» – a charity online platform of targeted assistance to disabled family members of the deceased or missing person as a result of the tragic events on the Maidan and military operations in eastern Ukraine. These people are most vulnerable: minor children, the elderly, the disabled, young mothers with children under three years old.

«People help the people» – the first in Ukraine completely transparent charity project.

We do not have fund or intermediary accounts. Money is transferred directly from the person who wants to help, to the personal bank account of the recipient family. It is also possible to help all families at once, then the amount of your payment will be divided into equal parts between them.

Since our project is non-profit Raiffeisen bank Aval does not take any commission when transferring and withdrawing money from personal accounts of families, opened for our project.

«Social calculator» calculates monthly financial need of project participants for urgent family needs, including the expenditures, income and other indicators of material security.

«Fill indicator» – shows filling of personal account of the project participant to annual requirement. If the account of a family already received required amount, calculated annually, this account passes to «Done» category. When the new computation year starts, the ability to receive donations activates again.

In such way our project design equalizes the balance of benefits and avoids abuses in charity.

Members posted video stories about their families most expensive people tragically killed or missing. Unfortunately, we do not have enough resources to quickly capture video of all families, but we do our best to speed up the process.

Platform People Help The People is implemented by the non-profit organization Public Information Space which has the status of volunteering.Our registration documents posted below on this site. We, as an organization, commit ourselves to create a proven and comprehensive database of affected families from all over Ukraine, check the information on financial and other needs of the family, control over the proper use of money, dynamic recalculation amount of assistance in the event of significant changes in being of the family. We plan at least once a year, to provide current reports and update information about each family.

Our project started with an idea and personal – Including financial – support Olga Bogomolets – Honored physician, social activist, and now MP of Ukraine. Without her help and support of our partners to the project failed.

People help people in difficult times of trial. Today, compassion and courage felt as sharp as ever, striking to the depths of the soul, pointing to the fact that our highest nature is revealed when we all support and protect each other.



  • To unite the world with caring about each other
  • To return people's faith in simple true human relationships

How do we do it? 

We help families of people who were killed and missing on the Maidan on both conflicting parties.
We help the families of the dead soldiers and the families of civilians killed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone. 
We stop dividing Ukrainians on ours and theirs, on right and wrong.
Our principle: it’s our children, it is our old people, and it is our common human pain – one for all.
We are a bridge between people who want to help and those who need help, and we know that this bridge is able to unite us and our country together.

We believe that our help is able to unite all of us and our country – Ukraine – together.


1 Targeted financial aid to family members, who is not able to provide for themselves, of those who was killed or missing as a result of the tragic events on the Maidan and the military conflict in in eastern Ukraine.
2 Other special targeted assistance to the families - project participants.
3 Section of ads from people who needs aid and people who offers aid.
4 Sections «War stories» and «What we do» for activities coverage of people with an active lifestyle.



Bogomolets Olga
Deputy of Ukrainian Parliamant, Head of Supervisory Board of the Platform

Support by Ukrainians around the world and by the Ukrainian citizens of the families of the soldiers who were killed in the area of Russia-Ukraine conflict is very responsible and important, both for the material provision of the needs of the families who lost their breadwinner in the war, and for the education of social responsibility and humanity. The idea of the creation of such platform of targeted assistance came to me during the Maidan. At that time we came across a lot of online fraud - there were requests for assistance to the wounded, but behind those appeals there were no wounded. This deception caused people's despair. I wanted to offer people a mechanism of assistance where there would not be opportunities to steal, or deceive people. So I addressed to my trusted partners - Raiffeisen Bank Aval, TSB IT Solutions, and law firm Paritet. A year of work - and we, by our joint efforts create a really unique mechanism, which in the future might become a new model of social protection.
Naida Ihor
Member of the Board of Trustees

Yuria-Pharm Corporation cooperates with the platform People Help The People because charity is one of the defining values of our business. We help our brave defenders from the first days of the disaster, which occurred in Ukraine. It's natural for us to unite the efforts with partners who follow the same principles: commitment, transparency, responsible attitude to the needs of people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. I am convinced that socially responsible business is a guarantee of prosperity and social protection of the people of Ukraine.
Iryna Mikhniuk
Member of a Coordinational Counsil

The charity platform People Help The People is both a great support and an opportunity to help others. Many children left without parents because of the war. And for some mothers, the support provided to them through the platform is the only way to dress up or feed the child.
Halva Elina
Member of a Coordinational Counsil

Help is a karmic task inherent in our universe! Help yourself and help the others. As Jesus said - Love your neighbor as yourself! That is, first learn to love yourself, do not hurt yourself, take care of yourself, and then do the same to other people. It's like a chain through which Love and Help will come to the world!
But why do not people help each other, do not save, do not give advice, do not see each other? That is the question. The answer, I think, stems itself - they can not love themselves, how can they love the near one?!
They live the life of consumers, but Love and Help show themselves in the desire of the heart to give what you have, to the neighbor, so that his life could fill with moments of joy, and he would thank the God and the World! This is why I am in People Help The People in order to give what I have, my work, my knowledge, my support, words of love and understanding.
Torhan-Humeniuk Olena
Member of Coordinational Counsil
Oksana Bykova
Director of TSB IT Solutions, co-founder of the Platform

We are Ukrainians, TSB IT Solutions is a Ukrainian company, so we could not stay aside this trouble - Russian aggression against the Ukrainian people. And if we can not directly take part in this war, we decided to do it on our IT level, helping bereaved families of courageous patriots. Why platform People Help The People? Because it is the only open platform of targeted financial assistance to the families of fallen Ukrainian soldiers where every penny goes directly to a suffering family. With our help and due to our professional experience, yet at the stage of the online version of the platform, we eliminated any possibility to misuse the money. Everyone has the possibility to track his aid. But we would prefer that there were less such families in our country, as the happy family after all is a happy father, a mother and a child!
Ivan Sayuk
Press secretary

People Help The People is picture of Ukrainians support each other. Help the families whose husband and father was killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict - it is our common responsibility before those Ukrainian soldiers who did not hestitate to go to war in order to protect Ukraine from Russian aggression. They are the heroes who with dignity accepted the challenge of history and fulfilled their civic duty. They protected each of us at the cost of their lives. Each of them - bereft wife and children who will never see their husband and dad again. We can not bring them back, but we can surround the soldiers' children with care and attention. Let's help the families of our defenders.
Yulia Hots
Coordinator of the Platform

I love helping people and I think it is a civic duty of every conscious citizen. Helping the weaker should be the norm, not an exception. This is why we are all together on the platform Help The People.
Flyukh Natalia
Social Worker

Each page of the platform which tells us about the family of a fallen Ukrainian soldier is someone's pain and a call to each of us for help. Each family which is the help receiver of LPL charity platform stayed alone with their own grief and thats why is vulnerable and needs attention. They are learning to live now - wives without their beloved husbands, children without the best in the world - fathers.
In our hard times to help such families of Ukraine soldiers means - maturity and humanity.
As a social worker, I talk with the widows who are aid receivers of the LPL charity platform. I know how important for them are both financial and moral support. Let's help and support together the children - our future, who because of the war, unfortunately, lost the main - the father in such hard period of time as the forming of personality.


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