1. How to receive financial via on People Help The People public platform?

Recepients of the charity platform are Ukrainian family members of killed or missing persons in the Maidan or ATO area, who are not able to work (including families of volunteers and civilians from the area of Russia-Ukraine conflict in the Eastern Ukraine).

To become an aid recipient of the charity platform you need to provide supporting documentation. You can do this in several ways:

  1. register on the site, fill out an application for financial assistance;
  2. send scanned documents to e-mail:;
  3. send documents to the address: 01030, Kyiv, Bohdan Khmelnitsky str., 33/34, office 4. Project "People Help The People";
  4. bring documents to the main office in person at the above address.

Required documents:

    1. Information about the victim or missing person:
      • death certificate;
      • a medical certificate with the specified cause of death;
      • a document which confirms the participation in the hostilities in the East Ukraine;
      • If a person is missing, you need to provide all documents you have (we need to check this information).
    2. Information about members of a family who have lost a breadwinner (for each member):
      • proof of identity (passport, birth certificate), an identification code;
      • proof of incapacity: the pension certificate, disability certificate of non-working groups, an evidence of the maternity leave or leave to care for a child younger 3 years old, an evidence on the implementation of care for disabled.
    3. Information about the relationships with the deceased or missing persons:
      • marriage certificate;
      • birth certificate.

The organization has the right, depending on the specific circumstances, to request additional information or documents if necessary to make a decision about participation in the project.

Details are described in the Rules of participation in the project, which can be found on the website.

3. How much aid can I expect as a participant of the project?

To calculate the amount of aid of every household we use a common approach.

The amount of monthly aid calculated by the program "Social calculator" on the basis of financial needs:

  • preschooler - 3000 uah per month;
  • schoolchild - 3500 uah per month;
  • disabled child, regardeless of age - 4000 uah per month;
  • disabled adult - 4000 uah per month.

In addition, the program takes into account the level of family income.

«Social calculator» easily accessed from our website.

4. Who are you and why should I trust you? How can I make sure that my help goes to the one who needs it?

Volunteer project «People help the people» carried out by officially registered non-governmental volunteer organization «Public informational space».

You can see scanned copies of registration documents on the website.

The main office of the project and staff is located at: Kyiv, Bohdan Khmelnytsky str., 33/34, office 4.


Our project is unique in its simplicity and transparency, there are no funds or intermediary accounts. You pass your financial aid immediately to the account of the participant, whom you decided to help.

After pressing HELP button you can check the requisits of the beneficiary and make sure that the account belongs to the family, which you choose and not to a middleman.

If you make a transfer via the online payment form on this site, the transfer is instantly reflected in the account indicator of the recipient.

If you make payment from a different bank, the transfer reflects in the account indicator of the recipient as soon as the amount appeares on the participant's account in Raiffeisen Bank Aval.