21 december 2016

How to help the families of Ukraine Army soldiers killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict. People Help The People on Espresso TV

How can one help Ukraine?
How to help the families of the Ukraine Army soldiers, of those who were killed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the Donbasm east Ukraine? One can use the mechanism of the public charity platform People Help The People, about which the Coordinator of the Platform Yulia Hots spoke in the morning news on Espresso TV.

Olena Korpach, the wife of the deceased Ukraine Army volunteer Oleg Korpach, a border guards who died in the Russia-Ukraine war, described the life of her family after the loss of their husband and father of four. What needs such families and children are facing, whose father was killed, and what support is provided via the Ukrainian charity public platform People Help The People. See the story below (in Ukrainian):


HERE ARE FAMILIES who collected the required amount of money per year