30 december 2016

"Mum, we have to live. Dad is watching us from heaven and says we should smile, he likes it, let's not disappoint him"

Svitlana and Vitaly were always inseparable. Immediately after the wedding Svitlana joined the Ukrainian Army in order to be with her husband not only at home but also at work. The family first served in the Odessa region, and then their regiment was relocated to Donetsk. There they worked until the Russian-Ukrainian war began. 

Vitaly Honcharuk tragically died as a result of an accident. The man went on a mission in the war area, but because of circumstances, the car in which the man was a riding was crashed by another car. The ammunition blew up. At the site of the explosion there practically were not left any remains, the death of Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Honcharuk was stated on the basis of DNA test. But the memory of the light and love will remain forever in the hearts of his family. 

"I imagined myself that my dad has just gone on a business trip and cannot call us and cannot return from there", says Vladyslav, 13-year-old son of the deceased Ukrainian soldier. 

Today, the family of Vitaly - wife Svitlana and son Vladyslav are on the waiting list for housing. So they need funds for the repair. Let's help them.
To help follow the link https://lpl.com.ua/en/needersato/profile/375 or use the requisites below:

SVITLANA HONCHARUK 4188370027508467 Raiffeisen Bank Aval


HERE ARE FAMILIES who collected the required amount of money per year