24 february 2017

"He was the sun that shone and warmed us". Iryna, wife of deceased Volodymyr Momot, Ukraine Army soldier speaks about her husband

"Smart, kind and fair. In his 39 years brought up three children, built a house, planted a garden. For our family Volodymyr was a reliable support, protection, hope and confidence that everything will be fine", says Iryna Momot recalling her deceased husband, senior radio operator of 15th Brigade if transport aviation Volodymyr Momot. 
After the wedding, the young Momots family began their arranging their common life. As they did not have their own home at the time, they lived in the husband's parents’ house. Soon, the couple had a son Vladyslav. This was a real joy for the young dad. "Volodymyr was very happy about the birth of the son. He helped me around with the child. Sometimes he came tired from work but first thing he asked me was if I needed help. He amused our son, sang lullabies, and as Vladyslav grew a little older, he taught him everything he could himself", says Iryna Momot. 

The beginning of military pilot’s career was not easy for Volodymyr Momot. In those days, the early 90s, almost no flights were carried out, lack of funding, aircrafts in a very poor condition. "They, along with friends, with whom he served, by themselves restored aircrafts, painted, bought spare parts for vehicles and set them on their own plane, did everything in order to fly. Only real fans of their job are capable of this", says Iryna Momot. 

Gradually, the situation in the army gained stability. At least we knew what to expect. Then another pleasant surprise occurred to the Momots family. They had two daughters Alina and Karina. "It was just indescribable joy for all of us, Volodymyr was glad now that he had daughters too, and Vladyslav – that now had little sisters", says the wife of the deceased Ukraine Army soldier. The woman adds that then they were happy and lived a full life. "All free time we spent with Volodymyr. Went to the theatre, strolled in the open air, walked in the forest, to the river. And the last time, went to the sea. This was our holiday just before the death of Volodymyr", says Iryna. 
Volodymyr Momot, along with other members of the crew of the transport aircraft AN-30B which was downed over Slovyansk, died without having time to evacuate. Pilots at the cost of their own life, to the end drove the plane down outside the city. 

The state helped the family of the deceased Ukrainian soldier Volodymyr Momot by providing an apartment and paying compensation. His wife Iryna and three children: 17-year-old Vladyslav, 8-year-old Alina and 8-year-old Karina are living in the house, which Volodymyr began to build, but the repair is not yet completed, and the apartments also need a repair. For the children it is so difficult, they feel so lonely without dad, whom they loved. Vladyslav, like his father, is going to be a military man. He is finishing high school, and the daughters Alina and Karina go to school; they love to sing and draw. They grow quickly, so they need seasonal clothing and footwear. Let us not stand apart; together we can help the family hero.

To help the family of Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russian-Ukrainian war follow the link https://lpl.com.ua/en/needersato/profile/379 or use the requisites below:
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