27 february 2017

Irina Hruzovenko speaks about her fallen husband, Ukrainian soldier of 28th detached mechanized brigade Alexander Hruzovenko

"Alexander was a brave, kind and caring man. Always responded to requests for help, no matter who asked. Did everything  about the house with his own hands. He was learning all the time. Was very fond of our family and children, who have always been for him in the first place", says Iryna Hruzovenko recalling her deceased husband, Ukraine Army soldier of 28th detached mechanized brigade Alexander Hruzovenko.
Soon after the wedding, the young parents were happy to have a son, who they named Oleg. " Alexander was very happy then. All the free time he spent with his son. He read him stories, bathed our baby, sang lullabies, took the kid for walks ", says Iryna.


Since August 2014, Alexander Hruzovenko was in Maryinka, a town in the Donbas, east Ukraine, in the ranks of 28th Brigade. Iryna was then eight months pregnant. The woman says that Alexander suffered much for the situation in the country, and he said that if the enemy was not stopped then, tomorrow he can come to our homes. So the man decided to volunteer to the war in the East of Ukraine. "He went to the military recruitment office on mobilization summons”,  says Iryna. “And before leaving he bought all the things necessary for our baby, and the military ammunition for himself. He had served in the National Guard of Ukraine, so he was at once enrolled in the 1st mechanized battalion. Before the army service he worked as a builder".
During his stay in the Russian-Ukrainian war area, Alexander has not been on vacation. Has not seen his beloved wife, son, Oleg, and will not be able to hug the little Yegor, who was born after Alexander’s death, so the little son will know his dad only by photographs.


Iryna awaited greeting for her birthday, but Alexander not call. At the dawn, they covoy was shelled near Novomyhaylivka, Donetsk region. The sniper’s bullet hit the Ukraine Army soldier straight in the heart. And now, since this day, Iryna’s years without her husband count. 

"The elder son, Oleg, was 14 at the time of the death of Alexander. He himself understood all. Kept this sorrow and pain inside. Rapidly matured. But it is still very hard without father. And then, Yegor had just been born, he was only three months", says Iryna Hruzovenko. 

The state helped the family of the deceased Ukrainian soldier Alexander Hruzovenko by providing the compensation and housing. The children: 16-year-old Oleg and 2-year-old Yegor grow rapidly. They need seasonal children's clothing and shoes. Yegor also needs baby food. Let us help and support children who lost their father.

To help the family of Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russian-Ukrainian war follow the link https://lpl.com.ua/en/needersato/profile/381 or use the requisites below: 

HRUZOVENKO IRYNA 4188373027065017 (Raiffeisen Bank "Aval")


HERE ARE FAMILIES who collected the required amount of money per year