1 december 2016

Wife fights instead of fallen husband in Russia-Ukraine war. Story of family of Ukraine soldier Oleh Sydor

"He wanted to protect me, daughter and Ukraine, and now I have to continue his work" 

"Good, thoughtful and brave warrior who could protect, comfort and support. The best husband and father", says Maryna Sydor about her husband, a fallen Ukraine soldier of Aydar Battalion Oleh Sydor (call sign Skiff), deceased in The Donbass during Russia-Ukraine war. After the tragedy, the death of her husband, this courageous woman decided to go to the front, where her beloved died, in order to continue the work of her husband: to protect our country and children. 

Because of his active social position, Oleh Sydor started his fight for justice and freedom even before the Revolution of Dignity. In January 2014, he continued the struggle for Ukraine in Maidan, the capital's Independence Square, where he first entered the 7th Hundred of Transcarpathian division of self-defence, and subsequently, headed the unit of rapid response Hawk. He took p[art in all of the most important battles on the Maidan. And then https://lpl.com.ua/en/volunteersnews the Russia-Ukraine war started in the Donbas. 

"He might not go to the East, but he realized that he needed to defend the country", says Maryna. Oleh Sydor was a volunteer of the Aydar battalion from the time of its foundation. He was wounded several times. To recover and stay with family, he several times came home. "He told me about what he had experienced in the east. Oleh was a patriot, with a brave heart, brave and courageous defender", says Maryna. 

Almost two years have passed since the death of Oleh, but Maryna’s heart still pains. "I have long spoken about Oleh as a living. Everyone said to me that you cannot do so, you need to let go. I was able to do it only when I visited the city where Oleh was", says Maryna Sydor, the wife of a fallen Ukraine soldier. The woman signed a contract with the 128th detached mountain infantry brigade, to be able to go to Starobilsk in the land where her husband was and where he found his eternal rest. 

Kira, the daughter of the fallen Ukraine soldier accepted her mother's choice. "Kira told me that if it was necessary and important to you go there," said the wife of the deceased. So when the mother went to the zone of Russia-Ukraine conflict, Kira already went to school. She always remembers her dad and wants him back. The girl also daily calls her mother and tells how her day has passed and waits for her mother to finally return so that they are back together. As Oleh Sydor was one of the first volunteers, his family has not yet received support from the government. To live without a breadwinner and protector is difficult. Kira is growing fast, so she needs clothes. And Maryna Sydor wants to finish the house that they started to build with Oleh. Let's help the family of Ukraine soldier in the hard times.

Use requisites below to help the family of Ukraine soldier Oleh Sydor:
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"Mum, we have to live. Dad is watching us from heaven and says we should smile, he likes it, let's not disappoint him"

"Mum, we have to live. Dad is watching us from heaven and says we should smile, he likes it, let's not disappoint him"

Svitlana and Vitaly were always inseparable. Immediately after the wedding Svitlana joined the Ukrainian Army in order to be with her husband not only at home but also at work. The family first served in the Odessa region, and then their regiment was relocated to Donetsk. There they worked until the Russian-Ukrainian war began. 

Vitaly Honcharuk tragically died as a result of an accident. The man went on a mission in the war area, but because of circumstances, the car in which the man was a riding was crashed by another car. The ammunition blew up. At the site of the explosion there practically were not left any remains, the death of Ukrainian soldier Vitaly Honcharuk was stated on the basis of DNA test. But the memory of the light and love will remain forever in the hearts of his family. 

"I imagined myself that my dad has just gone on a business trip and cannot call us and cannot return from there", says Vladyslav, 13-year-old son of the deceased Ukrainian soldier. 

Today, the family of Vitaly - wife Svitlana and son Vladyslav are on the waiting list for housing. So they need funds for the repair. Let's help them.
To help follow the link https://lpl.com.ua/en/needersato/profile/375 or use the requisites below:

SVITLANA HONCHARUK 4188370027508467 Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Kateryna Yermak tells about her deceased husband Ukrainian Army officer, major at the 30th detached mechanized brigade Oleg Yermak

Kateryna Yermak tells about her deceased husband Ukrainian Army officer, major at the 30th detached mechanized brigade Oleg Yermak

"Oleg died in hospital, in my eyes... I said to my daughter that her dad has become a star and now is shining to us from heaven..."

"Oleg was cheerful and fair, always supported and helped me. He valued his friends. Respected his subordinates. In any situation, remained prudent and had a great sense of humour. He was a true officer, husband and father", first thing that Kateryna Yermak tells about her deceased husband, a Ukrainian Army officer, major at the 30th detached mechanized brigade Oleg Yermak. 

Soon after the marriage, the young happy family gave birth to daughter Nadiya. "When Oleg found out I was pregnant he at once said that during the childbirth he will be with me. He was next to me all the time, helped and supported. It happened that after the birth of our daughter, I fell ill. And Oleg actually took over all the duties and care about me and about Nadiya ", says the wife of the deceased Ukraine Army soldier. The woman says that her husband spent much time at work and all his free time he devoted to her and their daughter.

"We loved long walks out-of-doors, often went to the parents, we actually never stayed at home. My husband’s profession made us lead an active lifestyle. He loved sports, played football with friends. And he taught our daughter to swim, it was her dream. Also he instilled in her a love of nature. Together they fed the birds in winter. And also, Nadiya loves horses. This is also from her daddy", says Oleg Yermak’s wife. 

Since the start of the war in the east of Ukraine, Oleg Yermak was very worried about the country's future and his family. The man realized that the war was inevitable, and his duty was to protect his land and family. Together with his friends, Oleg Yermak went to the Russia-Ukraine war zone on the first days. He phoned home every time he had opportunity. Kateryna says that he never told what he experienced there: "I was always very nervous, because the 30th Brigade had many casualties. But Oleg asked not to worry and promised that everything would be fine". 

Last, Katheryna and Nadiya saw their husband and dad two weeks before his death. A few days later there was a call from Oleg’s friend, who told Kateryna the tragic news – her husband was wounded during a combat mission in Artemivsk and was now in intensive care. The woman tried as soon as she could to see her dear one. Instantly, she packed and left home, and the minute she entered the hospital room Oleg died. "He died in my eyes. I hoped to the end that the doctors would save him. But the miracle did not happen", barely holding back her tears Kateryna Yermak says.

The state helped the family of the deceased Ukraine Army soldier Oleg Yermak by paying the compensation. But the family do not have their own housing, they are waiting in a que, so they have to rent it. The baby is growing rapidly, she needs new clothes and shoes. And also, Nadiya dreams of rollers and a bicycle. Let's together make the dreams of the daughter of the deceased Ukraine soldier come true. 

To help the Ukraine Army soldier's family follow the link https://lpl.com.ua/en/needersato/profile/372 or use the requisites below:

KATERYNA YERMAK 4188370027445082 (Raiffeisen Bank Aval)

How to help the families of Ukraine Army soldiers killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict. People Help The People on Espresso TV

How to help the families of Ukraine Army soldiers killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict. People Help The People on Espresso TV

How can one help Ukraine?
How to help the families of the Ukraine Army soldiers, of those who were killed in the Russia-Ukraine conflict in the Donbasm east Ukraine? One can use the mechanism of the public charity platform People Help The People, about which the Coordinator of the Platform Yulia Hots spoke in the morning news on Espresso TV.

Olena Korpach, the wife of the deceased Ukraine Army volunteer Oleg Korpach, a border guards who died in the Russia-Ukraine war, described the life of her family after the loss of their husband and father of four. What needs such families and children are facing, whose father was killed, and what support is provided via the Ukrainian charity public platform People Help The People. See the story below (in Ukrainian):