Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
22 april 2015

Wife of the fallen Olena with daughter

Family photos


Olena and her daughter lost the dearest person in their life, who has been a model of an officer devoted to his duty, who was their support. The family needs a house.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Zhuk Mykola

Zakarpattya region 37 years old 10.09.1977- 25.01.2015 v. Novohryhorivka, Donetsk Region
Inspired by father's example Mykola became an officer. He considered devotedness to the Fatherland, honesty and professionalism to be the principal qualities of the officer. Being in the ATO area since 01.09.2014 he became a demanding superior and caring father to 62 soldiers. Refused from dismissal: "How can I go for vacation when many of my soldiers have not visited their homes? I won't be able to look them in the eye". His wife and daughter were longing for his return, remembering how they went fishing, swimming, and picking mushrooms. Happiest of all about their hikes was Pekingese Danya, who understood not only every word but every look of the master. Mykola treasured family above all and was there every time. January 25, 2015 his car blew up on a land mine during a special mission.