Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
13 july 2015

Wife Oksana and daughter Dasha (13 y.o.) of a fallen Ukrainian soldier Vitaliy Remishevskyi

Family photos


Vitaliy and Oksana met at their friends'. A second time they met at his older brother's birthday party: "In our city there is a lovers' bridge, Vitaliy took me there. We stood and talked, looked at the stars. And at that moment I felt that he was my man - I really liked Vitaliy. A week after we met, he offered me his hand and heart. We did not have a wedding party; we just went and registered our marriage. Since then, we have always been together. Although there was sometimes the distance between us (Vitaliy served in the peacekeeping force in Lebanon and Iraq, then went for seasonal works), but his heart was always with us. We had three children. The eldest son is 23 years old; Roman remains in charge while we wait for the return of father. He graduated from the Military High School, served in the army and went to work for the family. Maksim is 18; he studies at the 4th course in the college. He does the housework and takes care of little Dasha, his 11-year-old sister. She's very responsive and affectionate; she studying in 7th grade and attends various circles. She loves Ukraine and shows a grown-up strength of character. One she said she would cry only when Dad gets home. Our guardian angel, a loving husband and father went missing in action on 20.01.2015 in the area of the ATO under the Pisky village. He and his comrades went to support "The Cyborgs" and got under fire. Last time I talked to Vitaliy on 01.19.2015, at about 19.30. He was in a good mood, shouting into the phone how he loved me. This year, we wanted to have wedding ceremony married on August 31, the anniversary of our marriage, and to have, finally the wedding party. Me and my children, we believe and expect that there will come a time when we will be together again. We will not stop searching, and though we have repeatedly faced human callousness and indifference, but we do not keep the insults in mind. We go to church, pray for the health of my husband and for receiving good news from him. Vitaliy has always watched over us, and now we want to shield him with our prayers. We keep together like a fist, we believe that these experiences will soon be over, and the emptiness in my heart will be filled with joy and peace. We are trying to create comfort in our home so that our dad returns and forgets all the troubles he has been through. First of all, I wish everybody health, and now I wish calm and peace for every family. Eternal memory to the fallen heroes! But these families, like ours, I wish patience and faith! God help you! Sincerely, the wife of the missing Vitaliy Remishevsky, Oksana". This happy family has three children: two adult sons and a daughter. They used to do everything together, especially when their father returned from the voyage. Their friendly house was filled with numerous friends. But with the loss of the father in the ATO area, the family lost the peace, financial problems appeared. Legal help needed too. After several months, the DNA test proved that Vitaliy died in the battle.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Remishevskyi Vitaliy

Khmelnytsk region 41 y.o. 17.07.1974 - 20.01.2015 killed 22.01.2015 near Pisky village, Donetsk region Ukraine
Thanks to his friendly nature he has many friends. Attentive to the people, he would never pass by someone's misfortune. Hard-working, kind, responsible. Vitaly, an affectionate father, who took the children on excursions, arranged a family vacation on the Dnister, in the Carpathian Mountains. But the war has changed the traditional way of life of the family, and now they are waiting for news about their father. He went missing in a battle near the village of Pisky. After several months, the DNA test proved that Vitaliy died in that battle.


Help family of Serhiy Rokytskyi, fallen Ukrainian soldier of 24th detached mechanized brigade: Halyna and Dmytro, parents of the fallen

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