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15 july 2015

Mother of a fallen Liudmyla

Family photos


When Liudmyla remained without parents she found support in her husband. It was a real great feeling: they dated for 5 years, and then 43 years lived in marriage. Worked, raised two sons and built a house. Over time, grandchildren started bringing comforts. And when it seemed that everything was there for a quiet ageing, there came a first terrible loss - the eldest son suddenly died at 33. In 2010, after a long disease died her husband. And the death of Serhiy in ATO was the last drop in the cup of unspeakable grief that broke mother's heart. "There was a family, now there is not ..." - sums up Liudmyla bitterly. The strength to move on and cope with high blood pressure and cancer she receives from her grandchildren and friends of her sons that flew away so early to the Blue.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Romanchuk Serhiy

Zhytomyr region 40 y.o. died 09.02.2015 in the village of Logvinovo, Donetsk region
His father - a teacher of physical culture - instilled Serhiy the love for sports, and since his third grade he indulged in basketball. Tall, smart, diligent in studies, the boy easily entered the Leningrad Air Defence Forces School. Always smiling, open for dialogue, he had many friends willing to help neighbours and elderly people. He adored his women - mother, wife, and especially daughter. After the death of his father and brother he took upon himself all the care for the family; he made plans for the future. But the damned war ruined everything - in Donetsk region Serhiy’s car got under fire. His family lost their only support...


Parents of fallen Volodymyr Shlenchak

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