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17 july 2015

Parents of fallen Volodymyr Shlenchak

Family photos


In this family everyonew was doing science. On vacations holidays travelled to the Crimea, visited the heroe cities. The only son grew up kind and considerate. Over time, he got married, presented parents a wonderful grandson. The trouble came from where no one expected: in the XXI century, Volodymyr had to defend Ukraine against the barbarians. After Volodymyr's death his father partially lost his memory, he needs constant supervision. Everyday the father walks to the son's grave and cries. Liubov had to lay all the life's problems on herself. They both need medical attention.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Shlenchak Volodymyr

Zhytomyr region 38 y.o. died 23.07.1976 in Antratsyt, Luhansk region
The impoverishment of science in Ukraine forced Volodymyr to leave the scientific work and earn money for the family. He was always caring, considerate, and infinitely kind. He loved hunting and fishing. Military profession attracted him since childhood, so, going to the front as a volunteer, he planned to master it to perfection. Being on the front line he tried to do all he could for the fellows. He died during the liberation of the warriors, who were surrounded by terrorists.


Mother of a fallen Liudmyla

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