Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
10 december 2014

Wife of the fallen Victoriya with two kids

Wife Victoriya says: «I almost never saw him in bad mood. He was able to raise one’s spirit, cheer everybody around up. His friends told that two vehicles were going side by side, he looked back and showed the ‘ok’ sign and in a minute a shell got into their infantry fighting vehicle and everybody was torn apart…»

Family photos

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Kovalyov Vladislav Viktorovich

Kherson region Patrol Battalion of special police "Kherson", Dept. of Ministry of Home Affairs of Ukraine in Kherson region 30 y.o. deceased August 29th, 2014 near Ilovaisk
Vladislav Viktorovich was a genious surgeon, who was taking part in anti-terrorist operation as a private fighter. Was supplying his comrades with medicines, first aid kits, was giving lectures about first aid. In normal life he was a big optimist, an inveterate fisherman. But most of all he loved his country and family, whose defence he sacrificed his life to near Ilovaisk.