Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
26 august 2015

Liubov Ivanivna, wife of a fallen

Family photos


Together they have with honour passed through a hardest ordeal, when Liubov Ivanivna received a fracture of her spine and became disabled of 2nd group. Her husband came for support granting a sturdy shoulder. With love they were growing sons and a daughter, taking care of grandchildren. There have always been open for dialogue, never passed by someone else's grief. And when it came to their house, Liubov, after burying her husband, found the strength and began to take care of his kins, who were at the front and in hospitals. And she vowed to punish the monster, who robbed her deceased husband. She also needs legal aid.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Budnikov Anatoliy Mykolayovych

Kyiv region 54 y.o. 15.12.1960 - 18.02.2015 died in the city of Debaltseve, Donetsk region
He graduated from the Naval College, worked in the police, and then together with his wife at a construction site. Always calm, thoughtful, sympathetic. Most of all loved children (both their own, and others'), Anatoliy was always whenever possible surrounded by a crowd of kids. Often with his family they visited the exhibition, went to the forest. All the household things they were doing together, and after a severe injury, which his wife received by the fault of the doctor, he lay everything upon himself. About his decision to participate in the ATO he told to the stunned members of the household, when he was on the train leaving to defend Ukraine, whose true patriot he was since early youth. In January he visited his family, and then returned to his unit that protected Debaltseve. At night, his post was surrounded and heavily shelled; Anatoliy had his arm and leg severed. A sniper one by one killed the wounded soldiers, who in the truck trying to take them away from the block post. And in the Dnipropetrovsk morgue some bastard stole the money from the dead hero's pay card...


Help the family of Ukrainian soldier Alexander Vakhnyuk, deceased in the Russian-Ukrainian war: wife Yulia and two daughters Ksenia and Varvara

Collected: 24 362 uah.
Required: 25 680 uah.

Help the family of Sviatoslav Vdovych, Ukraine Army soldier fallen in Russian-Ukrainian conflict: wife Hanna and three sons: Alex 12, Illya 10 and Fedir 5

Collected: 40 212 uah.
Required: 99 660 uah.

Help the family of Ukraine soldier Pavlo Strelchuk, Russia-Ukraine war veteran who died in east Ukraine: wife Yulia and son Oleksiy

Collected: 26 237 uah.
Required: 26 280 uah.

Help family of Blagovisny Vitali, Ukrainian soldier, sapper at 93rd mechanized brigade: his wife Larysa and two daughters Elizabeth and Angelina

Collected: 71 660 uah.
Required: 84 000 uah.

Help family of fallen Ukrainian soldier Olexandr Starov, 25th Territorial Defense Battalion Kyiv Rus: parents Olexandr and Rayisa

Collected: 1 047 uah.
Required: 42 000 uah.

Oleksandr, 17 y.o., son of a fallen

Collected: 29 683 uah.
Required: 42 000 uah.

Tamara Stepanovna, mother of the fallen

Collected: 15 583 uah.
Required: 46 656 uah.