Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
27 august 2015

Wife Liliana and two children (8 and 7 y.o.) of a fallen

This family used to do everything together, loved family holidays. Dad was an undisputed authority for the sons; every spare minute he was near. So when he came on leave from the area of ​​the ATO, the eldest son did not want to go to school, and the youngest was sleeping tightly pressing to father. The loss of a loved one shook the children, they refuse to believe in his death, still are waiting for their father. "Why the state does not fulfil its promises, and the families of the victims feel as if begging for provisions on the law? Even more, the privileges are abolished, as if they want to get rid of us", bitterly says Liliana Olexandrivna. "Is this the Ukraine my husband died for"? This family needs a legal and material assistance, sanatorium treatment.

Family photos

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Hurtov Oleksiy

Zakarpattia region 37 y.o. 09.10.1977 - 09.02.2015 died in the village of Lohvynove Donetsk region
He knew how to diplomatically resolve disputes, he had always been the soul of the company. He wrote poems, sang and played the guitar. He had a happy, united family. He was respected and valued at his work; Oleksiy represented the best of the Ukrainian army officer. He became a soldier, following the example of his father, who died in Afghanistan, when Oleksiy was 10 years old. In March 2014 he went willingly to protect the people of the country, for whom he took the oath. He did his best to prepare highly qualified personnel. 9 February their car got into an enemy ambush, there were no chances of surviving in the hail of bullets. His sons lost their father before they were 10 years old!