Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 september 2015

Leonid, disabled since childhood, 25, son of a killed civilian

Family photos


Leonid is disabled since childhood, so his family did everything possible for their son. Father helped in education, taught farming, taught to overcome difficulties. They have always lived together, willing to support each other. The war destroyed their ordinary pace of life, but the family stayed in their home village. On October 18 the quiet evening silence was broken by a roar, everyone rushed to the basement. But they did not have enough time: Leonid and his mother were injured in the yard, and Volodymyr Leonidovych was killed by a shell, which hit the house. After this shock Leonid's disability aggravated, he requires medical attention and treatment. Their house needs repair, nut they do not have materials.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Yedushev Volodymyr Leonidovych

Donetsk region 50 y.o. civilian 19.02.1964 - 18.10.2014 died in Novotroitske village, Donetsk region
He had always attracted people, because Volodymyr Leonidovych never refused to help anybody; he was hardworking and responsible. With the warmth of his heart and his kindness he generously sheltered his wife and two children, comforted and supported in difficult situations. When the tumultuous events came to the door of their own home, the family have stayed put. In that tragic night Volodymyr did not have time to leave the house - he was killed by a shell hit.


Help parents of Volodymyr Brazhnyk, fallen Ukrainian soldier, 42nd battalion of territorial defense Resistance Movement: Liubov and Anatoliy

Collected: 6 565 uah.
Required: 63 000 uah.

Olena Leonydivna, wife of a fallen

Collected: 15 969 uah.
Required: 35 412 uah.

Wife of fallen Oleksandr Makhsma

Collected: 13 204 uah.
Required: 36 612 uah.