Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
10 december 2014

Wife of the fallen Tetiana with two kids

«I feel proud of my husband. He was humane. It feels so painful without him but I’m also thankful to the destiny for I have his children left with me». Vadim gave the children all the best he could. It's hard for Tetiana to keep two children, especially after the increase of the prices. While on maternity leave, she has to look for jobs to afford everything the kids need. Also they do not have their own home. Let us support the family of the hero, let them feel our care!

Family photos

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Sheshenia Vadim

Kherson region 3rd separate regiment of spetsnaz 30 y.o. deceased March 3rd, 2014 in Donetsk
Vadim Sheshenya was living first of all for the sake of others, he never thought about himself. When there was a dreadful fire, which was being put out by two firefighter teams, he was the last one to leave the site of the fire. People used to ask him for help any time and he never refused. In particular he was caring about kids. Nobility and justice were Vadim’s main features of character. Else he was an inveterate fisherman – never came back with no take. Was defending Donetsk airport, died under fire.