Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
17 september 2015

Olena Leonydivna, wife of a fallen

Family photos


Olena and Valery met in New Year's Eve in 1987, and since then never parted. Twenty-six years they have lived together raising their daughter. And together they were struggling with Olena’s heavy disease systemic lupus erythematosus. Constant use of hormones produced aggravations in the vessels and joints, which led to necessity of surgery to replace the joint. Valery willing to support his wife surrounded her with care and gave her hope. Masterfully rebuilt their cottage so that family had a comfortable place to rest. He was literally a support for his wife, because recently she was in a wheelchair. But on January 24, 2015 a heavy shelling of Mariupol took Olena's support, man, friend, breadwinner. Now she needs money for a second prosthetic joint.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Budnyk Valery Valentynovych

Donetsk region 45 y.o. civilian 16.11.1969 - 24.01.2015 died in the shelling of Mariupol
Responsibility, self-esteem and integrity were the foundation of his character. He always treated people with respect, was always considerate and courteous. Valery worked at "Azovstal", he himself learned to repair equipment (cars, computers), readily responded to requests for assistance in its setup. Down the narrator - grey everyday events in his stories began to play the colours of life; the soul of the company; friends appreciated his wit and humour; a real man, he selflessly helped his wife to cope with the disease. On that fateful Saturday he went out for groceries and got under fire. He was killed from clastic injuries.


Help parents of Volodymyr Brazhnyk, fallen Ukrainian soldier, 42nd battalion of territorial defense Resistance Movement: Liubov and Anatoliy

Collected: 6 565 uah.
Required: 63 000 uah.

Leonid, disabled since childhood, 25, son of a killed civilian

Collected: 15 820 uah.
Required: 25 212 uah.

Wife of fallen Oleksandr Makhsma

Collected: 13 204 uah.
Required: 36 612 uah.