Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
2 december 2015

Help family of fallen Ukraine soldier Yuri Tarasenko: wife Olha and four children

Family photos


The would-be couple met in a marketplace, where both worked. It was in 1997, when many had to leave work in their fields in order to survive. Yuri liked to work in the earth to sow, to reap. Therefore, they decided to build a house and start a farm. Speaking of family, Olha said that it was "wrong", first they had children (three long-awaited sons and daughter-honey), then a house, and just before the dispatch to the ATO Yuriy planted a tree. Family hobby was hiking, and children were involved since the age of two. Usually, on the weekends they went on the Dnipro bank, in summer – to the Crimea and the Carpathian region. In such circumstances, their character tempered, the father’s word was the law. When Yuri came on the leave from the ATO, the children stuck to their father.
Olha's last conversation with her husband was on September 3, 2014, at 23:00. They talked for a long time, Yuri promised to come much earlier than planned because their detachment was withdrawn from there. But he did not come, he was brought... Now Olga takes care of the children.
The family needs help in completing the improvement of the house and yard.

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Tarasenko Yuriy Hennadiyevych

Cherkassy region
79th detached airborne brigade
39 y.o.
29.10.1974 - 04.09.2014
Died near Mariupol, Donetsk region, East Ukraine
Yuriy always boldly and persistently went to his goal: at 14 he started parajumping, later was a paratrooper in the Army, and all his life he indulged in sports. And he raised his children in a military spirit, "Warrior does not sleep - he slumbers", his children have grown on such slogans. Before going to the ATO, lost 30 kilos to be in shape.
He worried about the country, starting from Maidan, and after the capture of Crimea declared his readiness to defend Ukraine. He perpetrated a scandal in the military recruitment office because he was not on the list, and he achieved his goal. Volunteers helped with equipment, and in June 2014 went to the ATO, served as antiaircrafter. In August, for a week he was home on the leave. September 4 his convoy was ambushed, Yuri died near Mariupol. Four children left without the father.


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