Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
3 december 2015

Help family of fallen Ukrainian Soldier: wife Maryna with son (10 y.o.)

Family photos


Maryna and Serhiy met while studying at school and began dating when she became a student, and he - a cadet.
The birth of a little Yehor was a boundless joy for the young parents; Serhiy helped his wife all the time. Between the father and son there was a special bond, so now Yehor really misses his father, even though he tries to hold on and look strong. He misses those picnics, those trips to the cities of Ukraine, sledding, men's conversations.
Now the wife and the son of the defender of Ukraine, Ukrainian soldier Serhiy Hordiyenko live in an apartment, which needs a repair.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Serhiy Hordiyenko

Zhytomyr region
30th Detached Mechanized Brigade
35 y.o.
24.07.1979 – 13.08.2014
died near Savur-Mohyla, Donetsk region
Serhiy was a kind and sympathetic man, so he had a lot of friends. He readily came for help, confidently overcame difficulties. He was fond of cars, arranged family travellings to the picturesque places in his native land. Since his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a soldier, a patriot, and always believed that Ukraine needed a strong army. When the Russia-Ukraine conflict began he had a big hope that all this would be over soon.
Since April, he covered the Crimean direction and in July was in a combat zone. He directed the artillery reconnaissance, so he never had a leave. His unit defended Savur-Mohyla, it was under constant dense fire.
Serhiy was killed during the breakout from the encirclement.


Parents of fallen Volodymyr Shlenchak

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Required: 40 884 uah.

Mother of a fallen Liudmyla

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