Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 december 2015

Son of a fallen

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Dmytro is a university student, future veterinarian. Kind and cheerful, cares for animals, is fond of football and fishing. Loves his father so much, so now he misses his support and advice. Dmytro has сongenital heart defect; such operation can be made in the USA or Israel. His father served abroad to support his family, but when Maidan started he quit military service and went to protect his motherland. Now we, by the care for his son, can pay our tribute to our hero and protector.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Kharchenko Maksim

Kyiv region 36 y.o. died 28.08.2014 in Ilovaisk, Donetsk Region
"He was a self-made man" - they say about him. Maksim was the ace of military affairs, served in hot spots. Fearless patriot left the service for Maidan: guarding the stage, searching for snipers in the buildings around. Understanding the extent of the threat of the events in Donbas, and seeking to share his experience with others, he volunteered for the front. If such officers were part of the commanding structures - the victimes would not be so numerous. In Ilovaisk he carried out the order to the end, knowing that he had no chances to survive...


Help Taras, the son of a fallen Ukraine Army soldier Anatoly Chupylka killed in Russia-Ukraine war zone, East Ukraine

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Help family of fallen Ukraine soldier Yuri Tarasenko: wife Olha and four children

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Borys Ivanovych father of a fallen

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