Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 december 2015

Help family of Serhiy Rokytskyi, fallen Ukrainian soldier of 24th detached mechanized brigade: Halyna and Dmytro, parents of the fallen

Family photos


Selfless work has always been this family’s highest priority. Halyna, a doctor’s assistant, cared about the health of her countrymen, Dmytro working at the mills, turned golden Ukrainian grain into powder.
Their only son studied well at school and helped parents about the household. When father had troubles with his heart, the son took all hard work on him. Parents lived with son’s successes in studies and sports, were proud when he decided to be a doctor, following his mother.
Remarkable dates were the day of his marriage and the birth of their granddaughter.
As Serhiy was a military doctor, he was at the frontline in the East of Ukraine from the first days of Russian aggression, being the head of a hospital department. His family knew nothing about it.
The news about his death took the sense of life from the parents. Only the meetings with granddaughter remind them the joy still is in this world.
This old couple does not get any sustainable support from the local authorities and neighbourhood.
The parents did everything to grow Serhiy a good son and real patriot. For two years they need medical treatment: father had a microinfarct; mother needs hospitalization several times per year. They need finances for health treatment and for a decent housing as well, as they until now live in a clay house.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Rokytskyi Serhiy

Khmelnytsk region
Ukrainian soldier of 24th detached mechanized brigade
33 y.o.
08.09.1980 – 24.07.2014
died in Lysychansk, Luhansk region, Donbass, East Ukraine, zone of Russian aggression
He was growing very soft and kind. Studied well, indulged in volleyball. Went in for woodcraft, as he loved to make presents for his loved ones and friends. Carefully studied medicine, served as a resident doctor, the head of a first-aid post at a military base.
Since spring, 2014, was among those, who stood to protect the country against Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. He helped the wounded in any circumstances, saved warriors’ lives at the front line. That day, July 24, he tried to evacuate a wounded soldier, but a sniper’s bullet cut short his life.


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Collected: 50 uah.
Required: 30 000 uah.