Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
15 december 2015

Help family of Vasily Podolianchuk, Ukraine soldier, 12th engineering regiment wife Lydia and daughter (8 y.o.)

Family photos


The most favourite traditions of this family were fishing, hiking, and trips to the sea. Unfortunately, the spouse quite often could not have vacations together, but for Vasyl main priority was the vacations of his wife and children. He loved them dearly.
With the Russia-Ukraine conflict, everyday life turned to anxious suspense.
Father often called home and assured that he was alright. This is why the terrible news crippled the family, they still cannot get over it.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Podolianchuk Vasyl Volodymyrovych

Zhytomyr region
12th Engineering Regiment
33 y.o.
13.01.1981 – 19.09.2014
died on a landmine in Kayirka village, Kherson region
He was a very kind person, sincerely loved children, always ready to help everyone. He never raised his voice. Near Vasyl, everyone felt quite and cozy. He anxiously cared for his family, tried to be with wife and kids as often as possible. He chose a career of a military man, 14 years he served in the army, then became a sapper.
With the beginning of Russian aggression in Donbass, east Ukraine he engaged in demining; then taught the juniors. The trouble came from where no one expected: during the probes a faulty mine blew out; Vasyl died.


Parents of fallen Volodymyr Shlenchak

Collected: 5 359 uah.
Required: 40 884 uah.

Mother of a fallen Liudmyla

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