Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
5 february 2016

Help parents of Volodymyr Brazhnyk, fallen Ukrainian soldier, 42nd battalion of territorial defense Resistance Movement: Liubov and Anatoliy

Family photos


Liubov Brazhnyk, 62, and Anatoliy Brazhnyk, 67, are parents of Volodymyr Brazhnyk.
The parents raised a respectable son, and the pain and the tears of his loss will remain until the end of their lives. He was a support for them. Father has had two complicated operations on the stomach. Now the parents are living in a small country house in Torske village, Donetsk region (all conveniences outside).
Their pension is 2600 UAH for two. They need aid also for the headstone of their son.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Brazhnyk Volodymyr

Donetsk region
42nd battalion of territorial defense "Resistance Movement"
36 y.o.
7.07.1978 - 29.08.2014
died in Chervonosilske village, Donetsk region
Volodymyr Brazhnyk died defending Ukraine on August 29, 2014, at the retreat from the Ilovaisk besiegement. Volodymyr was born July 7, 1978, in the town of Krasny Lyman, Donetsk region of Ukraine.

"Since childhood, he read very much, liked to study history, indulged in sports - football, volleyball, was a versatile man. Also, he was very fond of fishing, loved nature. He was a calm, level-headed guy and very caring son", the parents recall. After the graduation from Donetsk National University, he lived and worked in Donetsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine.
When in Slavyansk and Krasny Lyman the fighting began, Volodymyr with his parents went to their little summer house and began to help the Ukrainian military with products, water and other. In July 2014, when the insurgents took over Donetsk, he said to his family and friends that he could not bear looking at it and went to protect his family, his land. Volodymyr had no military education.
August 14, 2014, he went to the headquarters of ATO Kramatorsk and August 18 he was already at the Savur-Mohyla.


Olena Leonydivna, wife of a fallen

Collected: 15 969 uah.
Required: 35 412 uah.

Leonid, disabled since childhood, 25, son of a killed civilian

Collected: 15 820 uah.
Required: 25 212 uah.

Wife of fallen Oleksandr Makhsma

Collected: 13 204 uah.
Required: 36 612 uah.