Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 february 2016

Help the family of Oleh Rehotun, Ukrainian soldier killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict: wife Nadiia and two children

"We met with Oleh in October 2002, at my friend's birthday. We have lived together 10 years. In December 2010, we had a son, Taras, in November 2011, daughter Anastasia was born. "My Cossack and my Princess", - he used to say. - "He loved children so much! He loved life so much! It's so hard for me to explain why our father is not with us." When we knew that his brigade would be sent to the East, it was out of question; Oleh said: "you know, I will go, I have to, this is my responsibility". One morning I called Oleh, but the voice in the receiver was not his: "Nadia, Oleh was killed in the GRAD shelling".
And that's it. And then it was a nightmare I still do not want to believe in. It feels like my hand and my leg have been cut off and I live this way.

Family photos


A year and a half like a robot: raising children and bringing up the children, who I adore.
Our little Taras goes in for dancing and Aiki do; little Anastasia goes in for dancing too.
We need finances to ensure their future.
Our housing needs a repair. What I have to do is to Live, to Remember and to grow children, who are the only sense of my life.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Rehotun Oleh

Zakarpattia region
38 y.o.
10.09.1976 - 6.09.2014
Died on August 6, 2014, in the battle for Luhansk airport
Oleh was a real warrior. Dignity, duty, and responsibility have always been his main priority. Besides, he was a very fair and kind person. He was always the first to come for help. He loved all.
After military service, he graduated from the warrant school, and in June 1997, he arrived in the Transcarpathian oblast, city of Uzhgorod, 15 OGPB. Having shown great responsibility, he was appointed the maintenance platoon commander.
November 27, 2002, received the rank of senior warrant officer.
October 31 he was appointed the senior sergeant of a platoon of snipers.
His main hobby was cars. He knew everything about them and could fix the damages with his eyes closed. He could never refuse to help anyone. He was an experienced instructor. All departures and complex military exercises in the battalion always lay on Oleh's shoulders. Everyone knew that he would be able to do what others cannot.
Oleh went to the East of Ukraine with the first shift on March 17, 2014. To the area of Russia-Ukraine conflict they arrived on May 19, and then all hell broke loose...
Oleh was part of the supplies team, but he always carried the delivery of ammunition and food. In the east Ukraine war zone, he spent 5 long months...
Presidential Decree № 270/2015 of 15 May 2015, "for personal courage and high professionalism shown while defending state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, faithful military oath", he was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).