Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
14 april 2016

Help family of the deceased Ukrainian soldier Volodymyr Brazhnyk, 42nd battalion of territorial defense "Resistance Movement": wife Inna and son Illya

Family photos


They got married seven years ago in Donetsk, east Ukraine. And soon, the family first child was born.
"Vova was a good man and a great dad who always took care of his family", says the wife Inna. Volodymyr all his free time devoted to the child and wife. Together, they walked in the park, visited the children's rides, travelled. He was a caring son and a good father.

Happy family life lasted until 2014, when the russia-supported conflict burst in Donbas, Eastern Ukraine. When the war came to their house, he did not hesitate and began helping the sodliers of Ukraine: supplied water, food and first necessity items. Volodymyr, helping the Ukrainian army soldiers, said to his parents that he had to go to defend Ukraine, his family, his home. And as a true patriot, he volunteered to the front. In the tragic anniversary of Independence of Ukraine, the day when battle at Ilovaisk began, August 24, 2014, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine and pro-Ukrainian paramilitaries began a series of attempts to capture the city of Ilovaisk from Russia-supported insurgents affiliated with the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), a group of 12 soldiers led by Igor Gordiychuk, came out of the Savur-Tomb in Mnohopillia, which joined the August 28 general Homchak. Volodymyr was in the group.
And August 29, 2014, during the exit of the column of Ukrainian troops from Ilovaisk by the road Mohopillia-Chervonosilske, Volodymyr was shot in the "green corridor" along with hundreds of other soldiers of Ukraine.
After 10 months, the family learned that the results of the DNA test confirmed the death of Volodymyr.
May 26, 2015 the hero was reburied on a small cemetery in the village Torske, Krasnolimansk area, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine.

The Brazhnyks' family lost their breadwinner. Little son and parents are left without assistance. Vova's father, who had two complicated operations, lives with his mother in Torske village in the smaill country house without amenities. They have a pension of 2600 UAH for two.
His wife and young son rent an apartment in the town of Chervony Lyman. She has a job but can hardly provide the family's needs. And she has not received any support from the state for a year and a half.

Volodimir was a patriot of Ukraine and died defending Ukraine. With no military training, passed the hotspots - Savur-Mohyla and Ilovaisk. For our peaceful sky he gave his life. And his five year old son is growing up without a father. He is still waiting for dad to come back. So are doing his parents, who still can not get over the death of his son.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Brazhnyk Volodymyr

Donetsk region, Ukraine
42nd battalion of territorial defense "Resistance Movement"
36 y.o.
7.07.1978 - 29.08.2014
died in Chervonosilske village, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine
Volodymyr Brazhnyk died defending Ukraine on August 29, 2014, at the retreat from the Ilovaisk besiegement.
Volodymyr was born July 7, 1978, in the town of Krasny Lyman, Donetsk region of Ukraine.
"Since childhood, he read very much, liked to study history, indulged in sports - football, volleyball, was a versatile man. Also he was very fond of fishing, loved nature. He was a calm, level-headed guy and very caring son", the parents recall. After the graduation from Donetsk National University, he lived and worked in Donetsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine. When in Slavyansk and Krasny Lyman the fighting began, Volodymyr with his parents went to their little summer house and began to help the Ukrainian military with products, water and other.
In July 2014, when the insurgents took over Donetsk, he said to his family and friends that he could not bear looking at it and went to protect his family, his land. Volodymyr had no military education. August 14, 2014 he went to the headquarters of ATO Kramatorsk and August 18 he was already at the Savur-Mohyla.


Help parents of Volodymyr Brazhnyk, fallen Ukrainian soldier, 42nd battalion of territorial defense Resistance Movement: Liubov and Anatoliy

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Olena Leonydivna, wife of a fallen

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Leonid, disabled since childhood, 25, son of a killed civilian

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