Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
14 april 2016

Help family of Oleksandr Ivanenko, Ukraine soldier, fallen in east Ukraine, Donbas, Russia-Ukraine conflict: wife Yana and son Denys

Family photos


Oleksandr and Yana went to the same school, and started dating right after finishing school. Later they got married.
In December 2012, the young happy family had a son Denys.
On the eve of the mobilization to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr worked as a driver at the local quarry. All the free time he devoted to his beloved wife and young son.

He was mobilized in April 2014, joined the 30th Brigade, where he served as MTLB driver. From July 30 to September 12, 2014, he was held captive by Russia-supported insurgents in east Ukraine. When released, he again immediately returned to service. But in September 2015, Oleksandr was shot near village Stepanovka, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine, during the shelling of positions of his battalion with GRAD.
Yana, the young widow of Oleksandr still lives like in hell, knowing that her son would never see his father, she would never hug her beloved Sasha.
Four-years-old Denys, who has remained without a parent's shoulder, needs help from anyone of us. It is necessary to make a step forward!
Let's help the Ukraine soldier Ivanenko's family!

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Ivanenko Oleksandr

Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine
The 30th separate mechanized brigade, driver-mechanic of MTLB
30 y.o.
16.12.1984 - 09.07.2015
Novohrad Volynsky military unit
Rank: Soldier.
Position: Driver-mechanic.
Division: 30th separate mechanized brigade.
Circumstances of death: July 30, 2014, while on a mission in Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, a group of soldiers of the 30th mechanized brigade in two MT-LB cars was ambushed by Russia-supported militants between villages Stepanivka and Dmitrivka, Shakhtarsk area, Donetsk region; with numerous shrapnel wounds, he was taken prisoner, since August 2014, was in the lists of prisoners, then officially considered missing. Survived bullying on the so-called "parade" of prisoners in Donetsk, August 24, 2014. 09.12.2014, he was released from captivity on the exchange. He received a long-term treatment in hospitals. When Oleksandr began to issue disability documents, he was informed that it was necessary to wait for the conclusion of the medical comission in his military unit. Late August, he returned to the military unit in Novohrad Volynski, where he died on September 7, 2015 early in the morning. His orgamism could not stand the load.
Marital status: parents remained, wife and young son.
Place of burial. Village Ivanopil, Korosten district, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine.


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