Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
25 may 2016

Help Oleksiy Sienchev, father of fallen Serhiy Sienchev, Ukrainian soldier-participant of Russia-Ukraine conflict, 3rd detached regiment of special purpose

Officer of Honour


More than two years of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Two years of defending the Ukrainian state borders in Eastern Ukraine. Two long years which fly in the memories just a few minutes. In these memories are brave, strong and desperate Ukrainian soldiers guarding our quiet sleep at night and clear sky in the morning. In the memories are the heroes who sacrificed their life in the war. One of them was Serhiy Sienchev. The sworn brothers and the friends of the Hero of Ukraine enthusiastically and proudly speak about Serhiy. They say that the colonel always carried out military service with dedication and courage, was a man of his word and was able to find a way with everyone.

Serhiy Sienchev since early was dreaming about military career. He first studied at the Suvorov school, then was Odessa Mechnikov National University, and then Yepishev State Military University in Donetsk. He was not just an officer, but also a military psychologist.

Few understood his choice when he decided to go to war. He could remain in the Headquarters. But he went to the East of Ukraine with his soldiers. He was a real officer. He left home his beautiful wife, daughter and son. He had to defend his country.

Oleksiy Sienchev, father of the deceased Russia-Ukraine war hero says: "I was a cadet. It was on Savur-Mohyla in the Donbas, Eastern Ukraine, where my Serhiy was... killed. I bore there the honorary guard in 1968, six years before his birth, at the opening of the memorial to those who died during the World War II. Who would have thought that it would be the same place where a shell gets my son"?

He was defending Donetsk airport. Then the was defending Slovyansk, Kramatorsk, then Amvrosiyivka and Savur-Mohyla. I remember that night. At about 11 p.m. he called me: "Father, you were standing the watch in the 1968 at Savur-Mohyla, tell me, are there any bunkers, trenches under this memorial? Because they are mortar attacking us from there". The father asked to stay away from there. Repeated several times to not go there...

His son died in battle. Here are memories of his colleague about his last hours: "The Savur-Mohyla was a serious, strong and brutal fight. We just started to move away and Sienchev was hit by shrapnel. But he continued to keep defences. The colonel kept to the last until all the guys were gone. He’ll always be with us".

Family photos


People Help The People charity platform of direct financial aid to the families of Ukrainian soldiers fallen in Russia-Ukraine conflict, takes under its wing the Sienchevs family. They need financial assistance.
Father of Serhiy Sienchev is seriously ill with diabetes.
People are helping people. Who are YOU helping?!

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Sienchev Serhiy

Kirovohrad region
deputy regimental commander for educational work 3rd detached regiment of special purpose
08.07.1973 – 04.08.1914
killed on 04.08.1914 at Savur-Mohyla
The deputy commander of the 3rd regiment of special purpose Serhiy Sienchev died Aug. 4, 2014. He received heavy shrapnel and bullet wounds in the abdomen during a fight at a height of Savur-Mohyla. Lieutenant Colonel was operated on in a field hospital, but he died during transportation to the hospital in Dnipropetrovsk. A street was named in his honour in the city of Kirovohrad, where the family the hero lives, and a memorial plaque was open. Warrior, Protector, Hero! The man who til the end was doing his duty. The true officer who laid his life for the nation and state. Heroes do not die! Heroes live forever in our memories, souls, hearts.

Ukraine President's Decree number 873/2014 of 14 November 2014: "for personal courage and heroism in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", he was awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, III degree (posthumously).


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