Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
27 may 2016

Help family of Yevhen Loskot, deceased Ukrainian soldier, participant of Russia-Ukraine conflict: wife Tetiana and son Taras

Yevhen Loskot, born 22.06.1983.; military rank - captain; call signs - "Bakha", "Elbow", "Damb-22."

He was born and grew up in the Chernihiv region, in the picturesque village of Desna. As a child, he wanted more to listen than to talk, but when he spoke all respectfully kept silent. His friends say the guy had a strong character, had an inner core, calm disposition inherent to the soldiers, leaders, real men.

And he was said to be able to take a desperate act. No wonder that after secondary education he went to a military school, completing it in the rank of lieutenant of the Army of Ukraine. And then there was the Maidan, the annexation of the Crimea, "the Russian Spring" in the Donbas, eastern Ukraine.

The Army was in the poorest condition, demoralized law enforcement officers, particularly in the eastern border areas, massively sided with the separatists. Yevhen did not hesitate, he volunteered to the front. Therefore, starting from March, he defended the country in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine; he fought in many places in the Donbass, stood near the villages Lutuhyno, Rayivka, Zhovte, Sobovka, stood till the end at strategic checkpoints; he was a techie, a scout, a gunner, a spotter and commander.

For the defence of the Luhansk airport, he received the rank of Major early, but did not have time to replace the stars on the chase. In September 2014, Yevhen joined the soldiers of the 22nd battalion of territorial defence of Kharkov, who flatly refused to give up their positions. The guys were left without officers, so Loskot decided to head the headless unit and reported to his command. September 7, the guys were ambushed. Without transport, they were condemned to death. Loskot with no hesitation rushed for the rescue. With two soldiers, on the abandoned half-broken BMP he stopped in the middle of a sunflower field, to find out more the position. Two hundred meters away, on the border of the nearest farmland and waste heap, Yevhen found half a dozen pieces of military equipment. Yevhen Loskot decides to attack. The three men on the BMP crashed on the heads of enemies, like snow in the midsummer. Their tower was jammed, so they conduct use cannon fire, so the guys used only a machine gun and assault rifles. They almost managed to break through the invaders base. But at the last moment, the car was hit by an enemy tank fire. The soldiers decided to split. One was lucky to return, another on was captured, and the third - Yevhen Loskot - soon went straight to heaven. The last place of residence of Captain was abandoned farm near the height of Vesela Hora.

The Captain was announced missing. The family went crazy with uncertainty. Started to search, to collect information, rumours... He might be captured by terrorists, or hiding somewhere. The family believed and waited, hoping for the return of Yevhen. The end to this sad story was put by the call from Dnipropetrovsk. The family was officially informed about the death of Captain Loskot in September 2014.

Then eventually surfaced the circumstances of his heroic death. The prisoners, who were lucky to escape from captivity, told that the separatists remembered the "Ukrop", who blew himself up with a shout "Russian do not surrender! Glory to Ukraine!"
That attack on the headquarters of the occupation forces overwhelmed the terrorists, so they delayed the deep promotion into our territory for one night. In fact it was this desperate maneuver, which allowed fifty other Ukrainian soldiers to get out of the encirclement, and saved from the occupation the city of Shchastia, from which there opened the direct road to the unprotected Kharkiv. That night and day allowed the volunteers of Aydar and soldiers of the 92nd Brigade under Colonel Viktor Nikoliuk to anchor in Shchastia.

Nobody had any idea who they owed for the "lucky break." However, one of the three heroes could not hear a well-deserved thanks.

Soon Yevhen Loskot was reburied in his native Desna in Chernihiv district.

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Yevhen Loskot died September 7, 2014, in a battle near the village Vesela Hora, Slovyanoserbsk district, Lugansk region, Donbas, eastern Ukraine. His body was found by the Evacuation-200 searchers Mission ("The Black Tulip") June 22, 2015, in the place of his death. Identified by DNA examination.
The family of Yevhen Loskot needs support.
Let's help the family of the fallen hero, the Russia-Ukraine conflict participant.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Loskot Yevhen

Chernihiv region
1st Tank Brigade
31 year
22.06.1983 - 07.09.2014
killed near the village Vesela Hora, Slovyanoserbsk district, Luhansk region, the Donbas, Eastern Ukraine
Captain. The deputy company commander for armaments. 1st Tank Brigade. Died September 7, 2014 in a battle near the village Vesela Hora, Slavyanoserbsk district, Luhansk region, the Donbas, Eastern Ukraine.
The body remains were found by the searchers Mission "Evacuation-200" ("The Black Tulip") June 22, 2015, in the place of his death. Identified by DNA examination.


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