Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
31 may 2016

Help widow and four kids of Oleh Korpach border guard, killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict zone


New wards of People Help The People - charity platform of targeted financial assistance to the families of Ukrainian soldiers fallen in Russia-Ukraine conflict zone - are Helen, the widow of Oleh Korpach and their four children: Alina, Karina, Ivan and Tymofiy.

Oleh and Olena met in 1996. Olena was impressed by his courage, she felt safe under her would be husband's wing. In March 1997, the beloved couple got married. The family had four children: Alina born in 1997, Karina, 1999 born, Ivan, born in 2001 and little Tymofiy born in 2014

Helen was 9 months pregnant when her husband joined the Ukrainian Army. From the first days of the Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine, he wanted to go to the front, and he was summoned in June 2014. Since July 2014, Oleh guarded Russian border near Rostov. Later he was transferred to the frontier squad near the city of Mariupol.

Almost a year the family lived in constant fear and tension. The children said, when he volunteered to the Army of Ukraine, they were proud of their father, he was brave and was a true hero.

Oleh taught his children to be honest, fair and always to be humans. Before the war with Russia, all the free time and the attention he paid to the education of his children and family. After all, they were the sense of his life. Oleh's younger son Tymofiy does not remember his father. All he has left - Helen's memories and photos.

In April 2015 he was gone. His wife Helen lost her beloved man, the children lost their father, breadwinner, protector.

The charity platform People Help The People urges you not to stand by but together with us help the wife and four kids of Oleh Korpach, Ukrainian soldier, protector of national borders.

There is an urgent need for funds to repair the apartment and to purchase computers for the elder children. Alina is a student, and Karina is entering the university. The aid thet Olena received from the State is not enough for all the needs of four children, because nowadays, bringing up four children is extremely difficult. Especially as Olena is on maternity leave, her youngest son has just turned a year.

Do not stay aside, help the people with us!


Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Korpach Oleh

Kyiv region
Sergeant of Border Patrol
49 y.o.
22.10.1965 - 04.03.2015
Died on April 3, 2015, in his sleep from a brain haemorrhage
Oleh Korpach soon had to turn 50 years old, he was the first to volunteer from Boryspil district of Kyiv region and to leave for the zone of Russia-Ukraine conflict.

His colleagues speak of him as of a courageous and good man. Friends and acquaintances say that Oleh Korpach was a true patriot of his country and his land, which he courageously defended.


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