Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
1 june 2016

Help family of Lavkay Vasil, Ukrainian soldier fallen in East Ukraine: wife Viktoria and daughter Arina

Vasyl Lavkay was born in 1984 in the village Klyachakovo, Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region. In this village, he spent his childhood here and attended school.

He was extremely kind and sensitive man. Always gave a helping hand, even to unfamiliar people. He had golden hands, was able to do almost everything: construction works, joinery, electric supplies, and more - all was easy for the man.

Vasyl 's wife Viktoria says that they were tied up by their love at first sight.

- At some point, a spark flashed and we fell in love. After some time, we decided to get married. Then we gave birth to our daughter Arina, the young widow says.

Unfortunately, the man had not heard the word father from his daughter Arina. The war took her dad.

In the year when the father had a little daughter, his country was set on fire by Russia supported terrorists in the East of Ukraine. So with no hesitation, Vasil volunteered to the front in the ranks of the DUC Right Sector, as a private of the 5th detached battalion. Then daughter was only 8 months old.

August 10, 2015, the soldier of the 1st assault company, 5th detached battalion Duc Right Sector Vasil "Bison" Lavkay died while doing a combat mission near the village Starohnativka, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region, Donbass. He died in the battle defending the positions the 72nd detached mechanized brigade. He died defending the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine.

"Bison" will forever remain in the hearts of his family and in the memory of his brothers in arms.

Family photos


Vasil's wife Viktoria remained in a quandary. In fact, after the death of her husband, she was left without support and assistance. Vasil fought in the ranks of the Right Sector, and as the unit is still not juridically legalized, the state does not support Viktoria and her daughter. It is an extremely difficult situation, when the mother does not have enough money to feed the child, not to mention other needs of the family.

Charity Platform of targeted assistance to the families of the war victims People Help The People urge you not to stay aside but help the family of the soldier deceased in the Russia-Ukraine war. Help his wife, and his daughter Arina, who is only two years old.


Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Lavkay Vasyl

Zakarpattia region
Private of 1st assault company of 5th detached battalion  Ukrainian Volunteer Corps Right Sector
31 y.o.
08.26.1984 - 08.10.2015
died August 10, 2015, near the village Starohnativka Volnovakha Donetsk region, East Ukraine
Date and place of birth: June 26, 1984, village Klyachanovo, Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region.
Date and place of death: August 10, 2015, village Starohnativka, Volnovakha district, Donetsk region, East Ukraine.
Subdivision: Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.
Circumstances of the death: Killed August 10, 2015, in the fight for the defense of positions of 72nd detached mechanized brigade in the village Starohnativka (Donbass).
Marital status: wife and 9-month-old daughter.
Place of burial: village Klyachanovo, Mukachevo district, Transcarpathian region.