Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
1 june 2016

Help family of Oleksandr Kondratiuk, Ukrainian soldier. who died in Russia-Ukraine conflict, head of the medical service of the 90th separate airmobile battalion: wife Myroslava and daughter Angelina

The God himself must have ordered to introduce Oleksandr and Myroslava that day. Love at first sight... Mutual. True.

Myroslava was sure that Oleksandr was the one, with whom she would go her life. Then there was a lot of charming dates and she fell love.

Eventally - wedding, first family common steps, common life, the expecting of the daughter, and her birth. The happy young couple had daughter Angelina.

Oleksandr promised to his daughter that they would go to the sea together, and he would teach her swimming. They lived like dozens of other young families who go together to the target, work together, raise children, rest and are just happy about the biggest ever value - life.

But the war came to Ukraine. Dozens of wives let their beloved husbands go to the front. And they went to protect the state and their homes. Realizing that they might never come back. Muight not take their children in their arms, might not hug their wives, might not bend to their ancestors.

So Oleksandr Kondratyuk went to war, leaving home and his beloved Myroslava and five-year-old daughter Angelina.

He activelt participated the events on Maidan of 2013-14 as a doctor and volunteer. And he volunteered to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defend the independence and integrity of the country. Since  August 21, 2014, he was in the military service as chief of the medical service of the 90th detached landing-assault battalion, 81st brigade.

His favorite phrase was "I'm the Lucky One. Nothing ever happens to me!"

Also he kept saying: "They will never take me alive". And this was what really happend According to his brothers-in-arms, in order not to be captured, Oleksandr blew himself up together with four terrorists.

Oleksandr loved Ukraine. He did everything possible so that our country had a better life. First of al,l he was honest, fair, lodevoted to work, because we believed that everyone should live well. Doctor not just ршы profession, it was his vocation. And yet, he managed to be a nice son, a kind man, the best father, and a loyal friend. And he had always been where he was most needed. At the cost of his life, he was saving the lives of other.

- A year ago, I wished I could blow up the whole world, to have Oleksandr Back. I didi not believe the reality, and still I don't believe it... Unfortunately, nothing can be changed. Eternal is only our love. Thanks to the Lord, I have someone to love. Our daughter Angelina, father's little angel, a replica of Oleksandr. The child suffered the loss so hard, that the stress imprinted on her heart. She is my most precious gift in the world, says Myroslava.

Oleksandr's daughter Angelina dreams that the daddy will come to her prom in the kindergarten, then will take her to school on the 1st of September. She wants him just tpo be alive hugging her every day, carrying her in his arms, kissing in the nose and saying "my little one".

Family photos


The family of the deceased Cyborg Oleksandr Kondratiuk joined the ranks of the charity platform of direct assistance to the families of fallen Ukrainian soldiers People Helping The People. The family needs our help. So let's do everything we can so that the family receives proper care and guardianship. After all, we can share some warmth and kindness, and thereby make the world a better place.

Angelina, daughter of the deceased Cyborg (Donetsk Airport defender) often suffers from colds, due to weak immune system and nervous stress caused by the death of her father. Also, the girl has the congenital defect of the heart. And to the heart problems added some other health problems: underweight and tumor capillary PM on the face.

She has passed the course of primary medical treatment. Now she is in dire need of psychological recovery, positive emotions, and relaxation. In order to prevent the disease from becoming chronic.

Read more about Oleksandr (in Ukrainian)

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Kondratyuk Oleksandr

Vinnytsia region
Senior Lieutenant of medical service, medical service chief of 81st detached airborne brigade (90th detached airmobile battalion)
33 y.o.
07.04.1982 - 20.01.2015
died on January 20, 2015, during the evacuation of the wounded from Donetsk Airport, East Ukraine
Ukraine President's Decree number 9/2016 of 16 January 2016: "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", was awarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree (posthumously).

Also he has such awards:
breastplate "For the defense Donetsk Airport" (posthumously),
Medal "For the sacrifice and love of Ukraine" (posthumously).


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