Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
3 june 2016

Help the family of Andriy Novak, Ukraine soldier fallen in east Ukraine: wife Inna and son Kyrylo

Family photos


Andriy Novak was born in Luhansk, Donbass, east Ukraine. Later, the whole family moved to Kharkiv, where Andriy graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of tank troops.

In 2006, Andriy retired from the military service, which was held in Odessa, and returned to Kharkiv. In several years, he married his girlfriend - Inna. Soon the family had a son Kyrylo.

Andriy Novak was cheerful, joyful and sensitive, and very optimistic. Loved his son and wife dearly. Respected his parents. Did not hide behind others and always defended his point of view. He was always ready to help friends. Besides, was an ardent football fan - an Ultra of football team Metallist (Kharkiv).

In March 2014, Andriy was mobilized into the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the rank of captain and sent to Luhansk to serve in Luhansk border patrol.

The fate decided to return him to his native Luhansk region. The bitter truth is that he met his death where he was given life.

His compat path lay through the hottest segments of the front - Krasnodon, Izvaryne, Shchastia, Stanytsia Luhanska, Triohizbenka, Novoaydar.

In September 2014, the year he Andriy was appointed a senior officer of the Border operative search group ща Border commandant. And in December that year, during a combat mission, Andriy Novak died in the village Novoaydar.

Andriy left behind his parents and a widow with a small son. The Charity Platform of targeted assistance to the families of fallen Ukraine soldiers People Help The People takes Inna Novak and little Kyrylo under the wing and encourages everyone not stand aside and help the family of the deceased border guard who gave his life for us.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Novak Andriy

Kharkiv region
Luhansk border detachment
33 y.o.
06.20.1981 - 12.14.2014
He died December 14, 2014 in the village Novoaydar, Novoaydarsky district, Luhansk region, Donbass, East Ukraine
Captain. Lugansk border detachment.

He died Dec. 14, 2014, during a combat mission in the area of Russia-Ukraine conflict in Donbass, Novoaydarsky district, Luhansk region, town Novoaydar, east Ukraine


Valentina Afanasievna, mother of the fallen

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Required: 16 800 uah.

Wife of the fallen Natalia with two daughters

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Parents of the fallen

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