Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
7 june 2016

Help family of Oleksandr Pytel, Ukraine Army soldier, died in East Ukraine: wife Yulia and son Oleh

Family photos


Oleksandr and Yulia met at the wedding party of their friends, and soon got married themselves. The happy beloved Pytelы couple traveled together, went in for sports sports and generally lived a happy life of future parents.

Soon the couple had a son Oleh. Unfortunately, Oleksandr Pytel was not destined to see his newborn son. Same as Oleh was not destined to see his father, who gave his life for the peaceful sky over the head of his son, for the independence of his Motherland, for united and indivisible Ukraine.

The 28-year-old widow was left without her beloved husband, young son of "cyborg" in her arms. She desperately needs our support and help. In particular, this applies to funds to purchase children's clothing, shoes, diapers and medicines. The money that Yulia receives from the state - is not enough.

We call to all to help the little son of the deceased Ukraine soldier.

This baby is a small replica of Oleksandr. It's such a grief to realize that Oleh will never see his father. But he knows about his heroism, which will stay in the memory of Ukrainians, whose hearts were beating 242 days in rhythm of the hearts of "cyborgs" - defenders of Donetsk airport.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Pytel Oleksandr

Zhytomyr region
81st detached airborne brigade, 90th separate airmobile battalion
33 y.o.
03.30.1983 - 01.20.2015
Killed in battle with Russia-supported militias in Donetsk airport of explosive injury after the shelling
By Ukraine's President Decree №311/2015 of 4 June 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", Oleksandr Pytel was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).


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