Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
8 june 2016

Help Sophia, daughter of Antonov Vadim, Ukrainian soldier fallen in Russia-Ukraine war

Vadim Antonov was a volunteer. He joined the ranks of the National Guard battalion Donbass. In the summer of 2014, he took part in military operations for the liberation of Popasnaya and Lysychansk, Luhansk region, east Ukraine. He decided to go to the front after the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan).

While at the training centre in Petrovtsy, he was asked what callsign he would choose, Vadim made his fellow soldiers wait awhile. HE thought of being called somehow the would make it clear that belonged to his six-year daughter - Sofia's, Sonia, Sunny, his daughter whom he called Pigtails. And everything that came into his head did not fit the fighter-volunteer of the first assault company. "So, are you Antonov?!" - said Michael Savulchik, Vadim's sworn brother since Maidan, who himself had already decided on the callsign Elf. "Aircraft costructor is not relative by any chances? You'll then the Airplane".

Everyone loved Aircraft. He was the first respond any request, he fought as if he was born a warrior, even though he never served in the army due to poor health. The closest friend was Lavr, Valery Lavrenov. They met on the Maidan on that January night, when the first heroes of the Heavenly Hundred were killed on Hrushevsky street. Together they won, together they went to the Donbass battalion - it seemed not for long, just to complete this spontaneous struggle for the renewal of the country, which began in St. Michael hundred in the Maidan.

On his thirty-eighth birthday, July 24, Airplane received a gift from the brothers-in-arms: the right to put up the State Flag in the newly liberated Lysychansk. And he was happy, and celebrated with the boys, then they raised the glasses to the war's end, because nobody wanted to fight. Then had a long talk with Pigtails - his daughter, about what new dall she wanted and what letter she was writing to the father.

And then they were joking with the guys, it would be good if doctors took and froze the sperm of the volunteers, just in case. So that their wives and girls, who would like to raise the best children could have such opportunity even in case they die. After all, whatever one may do, this war is destroying the gene pool of the best country in the world, Ukraine. Homeland of bright, free, brave people.

And then they had to go into Ilovaysk, to check what there was in the locomotive depot. Because through it the trains from Russia were bringing the platform with guns, wagons with weapons, Ilovaysk has long been called the city gate of Donbass, and it was necessary to close it at any cost. Then, when the separatists would lose support from Russia, the war would end soon. After that, he could take the Pigtails to the first class. 
They were ten go, Laurel and Yar, and Chub, all the friends. Sensei was in command, shouted loudly, as if they were there ten times more than just ten. Airplane the first, he always tried to go first. Wagons, rails. Concrete fence with a bright graffiti. And suddenly - a sniper shot. Right in head. The helmet did not stop the bullet. Then more shots, grenades from both sides, the commander ordered to retreat, said: "Airplane is done".

Three times his sworn brothers went trying to find the body - it was not already there. They refused to believe, hoped he was wounded and taken by the enemy... His older sister, Helen, refused to take the DNA test, her heart told her that he was alive. And then, in the winter, the searchers of Black Tulip mission brought the zinc coffin. His sworn brothers stood on their knees - Laurel, and Yar, and Chub, and the Elf... Olga, hid former wife, did not bring Pigtails to the funeral. She knew that Vadim would not want it. Let him stay in the girl's memory the way he was: strong and skilled, the best father in the universe.
Next year the battalion Donbass was finally, equipped with tanks, it was decided to give the steel machines names of the fallen soldiers. But no tank was ever called Airplane. Someone said it sounded ridiculous, it would be a long time to explain to those who did not know the whole story. And those who knew would never forget Vadim Antonov, the hero with an incredibly beautiful smile. And the second-form pupil Sophia Antonova has exactly the same.

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The ex-wife and daughter of Vadim Antonov became wards of People Help The People, charitable platform of targeted assistance to the families of fallen heroes of Russia_ukraine war. It is thanks to the heroic people like Vadim Antonov, that during the offensive campaign in the summer of 2014 Ukrainian troops released dozens of settlements in the East of Ukraine. But, unfortunately, many of them, like Vadim, did not return. Vadim's daughters Sofia needs our help and support. Of course, nothing and no one can replace her father, who gave his life for Ukraine, but we can make her life a little bit happier.

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Antonov Vadim

Zhytomyr Oblast
Private, 2nd battalion of special forces of National Guard of Ukraine Donbas
38 y.o.
07.24.1976 - 08.10.2014
Announced missing on August 10, 2014, in Ilovaysk, Donetsk region, east Ukraine
Personality set by DNA test, February 7, 2015
Went missing during the battle with the Russia-supported reconnaissance and sabotage group in the morning, August 10, 2014, in Ilovaysk, Donetsk region, East Ukraine. Several attempts to find him failed; his fellow soldiers traced that the terrorists captured and dragged the body of badly wounded Vadim. In October 2014, the group of search mission Black Tulip discovered Vadim's body in an anonymous burial in a cemetery of Ilovaisk and took him to the city of Zaporizhzhia. After the identification by DNA tests, 7th February 2015 he was buried with military honours at the Zhytomyr military cemetery №2.

By the Presidential Decree number 651/2014 of 14 August 2014 for "personal courage and heroism in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine", he was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).


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