Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
14 june 2016

Help the family of Vitali Vashenyak, medical doctor killed in Eastern Ukraine during Russia-Ukraine conflict: wife Valentyna and 2 children

Family photos


Valentyna Vashenyak - a widow of a military physician, who died in the war zone in Donbas, Eastern Ukraine, the area of Russia-Ukraine conflict. She has two children - Irynka and Timofiy.

Her deceased husband - Vitali Vashenyak was a wonderful, loving, righteous father to their children. They were a real family with its traditions, rules and dreams. They wanted to teach the children to be likewise.

 - We wanted to build a house together, taking into account the wishes of everyone. Vitali had a rank of major, the head of medical service. For his work he gained not only the respect of colleagues, but also gratitude from the public because he was a good specialist in his field, says Valentyna Vashenyak.

Waiting for the return of their father from the Russia-Ukraine conflict zone children not only wrote letters but each day they were asking God to care for the dad. Daughter, before Vitali's departure, wrote him a letter. In it she described how genuinely she loved her dad, she was proud of him and cared for him. These letters raised the warrior spirit.

 - The war took from us a very dear man - our father, lover, friend, counselor, family support. Our little son is 6 years old. He grows up and he knows that he is the main in the family (dad said it before departure). Tim knows that his father became the guardian angel, that his soul is in heaven - on the star. And despite his young age, he dreams of becoming a pilot to fly near that star, says the wife of the deceased Ukrainian hero.

But unfortunately, the war does not spare anyone and takes the best first of all. In September 2014, his life was interrupted in Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Vahenyak Vitali

Zhytomyr region
169th Training Centre of the land troops
33 y.o.
09.06.1981 - 11.16.2014
died in the Russia-Ukraine conflict area, Debaltseve town, Eastern Ukraine, when his car ran on a bomb
Major of medical service, the Head of the medical service management, 169th Training Centre.

By the Ukraine's President Decree number 270/2015 of 15 May 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", was awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky III degree (posthumously).


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