Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
7 july 2016

Help Marta, the daughter of Valeri Boniakivski, Ukrainian soldier, who died in Russia-Ukraine conflict area

Children are the only thing that keeps the widows in this world. They are the reason to live...

Valeri Bonyakivski went to war as a volunteer. As a reserve officer, he was remaining faithful to the oath as hundreds of other best sons of the Ukrainian nation; he could not calmly watch the events in the country. So, to stop the Russian aggression and maintain peace in our homeland, Valeri changed his everyday life, a warm family atmosphere, care of the wife and daughter for the thorny path of the warrior.

The life of Valeri Bonyakivski ended on October 16, 2014, as a result of mortar attack near the village Netaylovo, Yasinuvata district, in the Donbass, east Ukraine. He is head of the reconnaissance and sabotage group, together with his subordinate Ukrainian soldiers settled out for a mission, from which, unfortunately, he was not destined to return. Valeri’s name is forever imprinted in people's memories and in the recent history of Ukraine as an example of invincibility, strength of spirit, and the service to his people and country. The hero was posthumously celebrated at the state level, awarded with the Order “For courage” III degree, the honours "For the faithful people of Ukraine" and the degree and medal from Ukrainian Orthodox church Kyiv Patriarchy "for sacrifice and love for Ukraine".

But the most precious thing that was left behind is his dear ones. His family is now under the guard of People Help The People, the charitable Platform of direct targeted assistance to the families of Ukrainian soldiers killed in Russia-Ukraine conflict zone in the east Ukraine. "Valeri was a kind man with a big heart", this is the first thing his wife says about Valeri. The woman says that she met with her future husband yet in schooldays. Even then Valeri always had his own opinion, was fair and ready to help.

Since his childhood, Valeri wanted to fly, so straight from school he entered the pilots’ school in Luhansk. His military base stationed at the time in Grozny, Chechnia. That's when he first felt the Chechen hospitality: afternoon the Chechens smiled friendly, but at night "treated" with shelling. Halyna recalls the stories of her husband about Chechen hirelings in the ranks of the terrorists in the Donbas.

"Since childhood, Valeri loved to draw, this was useful in hard times. After the disbandment of his military unit, the pilot career was interrupted. Valeri became an artist, painted the pictures, was a member of the Artists' Union, made tattoos for famous people in Poltava", says Halyna.

Then the couple had a daughter Marta. The girl is very proud of her father. She remembers vacations at the sea, the toys, drawing and riding out of town with daddy. Marta inherited from the father her life guidance and confidence. And she looks very similar. Now studies at school, and like her father loves drawing. Attends drawing classes. Mother Halyna feels like her husband was not killed, he is just not nearby. Imagine how would be good to them, as before, three happy life...


Today Halyna Boniakivska masters a new profession, because she understands that now the future of her daughter depends only on her. Of course, the father will never return. Anything we can do for them is to try to help the Bonyakivski’s family. Give good emotions and necessary things. Marta needs a bed with orthopaedic mattress and a tablet.

The public charity Platform People Help The People calls upon all people of good will not to stand by but help Marta. "Children are the only thing that keeps the widows in this world. They are the reason to live", says Halyna Boniakivska, the widow of a fallen hero.


Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Boniakivski Valeri


Poltava region
The sergeant of police. The special regiment of patrol police Dnipro-1
44 y.o.
04.14.1970 – 10.16.2014
Died 16 October 2014 in the village Netaylovo in the Donbas, in a mortar attack

The sergeant of police. The special regiment of patrol police Dnipro-1

Died October 16, 2014, in the village Netaylovo, Yasinuvata district, in Donetsk in a mortar attack. 

By Ukraine President’s Decree number 838/2014 of 31 October 2014, "for personal courage and heroism in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath" was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously). 

He was awarded the medal of the UOC-KP "for sacrifice and love for Ukraine" (posthumously). 

Awarded the distinction "For loyalty to the people of Ukraine" and degree (posthumously).


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