Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
7 july 2016

Help the family of Oleh Banchuk, deceased Ukrainian soldier: wife Halyna and son Oleksandr

Family photos


The heaven takes the best

The tears, the pain of loss, frustration and despair this is what thousands of Ukrainian wives and mothers are experiencing when receiving the news that their husband or son has died. There is a saying that the time heals. But not the wounds of the women who lost their dearest ones. It happened in the family of Oleh Banchuk, a Ukrainian soldier who died in Russia-Ukraine conflict on January 15, 2015. 

Oleh Banchuk served in the 30th mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a driver and mechanic. The life of Oleh was filled with challenges and difficulties that he always confidently overcame. After school Oleh decided to devote his life to the protection of the country and signed a military contract. And when Russia-Ukraine war began, his military unit was the first to go to the East, to defend our country. 

"Truly they say the heaven takes the best. Living without my Oleh is so difficult. He had always supported me, helped, loved our son. Once he had some free time, he was running to us, loved to play with the child, did everything about the house", says Halyna. When Halyna gave birth to their son Oleksandr, the fate prepared their next test. 

Halyna admits, if not support from her husband she would hardly stand it. "Sasha was born with disabilities. Little head was covered with hematomas, and doctors discovered cardiac disorders. Tens of thousands were spent for the treatment. Oleh had always supported and helped me. Our son began to feel better, we had already begun to make plans for the future, and suddenly the war took Oleh from us". 

Having heard the evil news of the death of Oleh, the villagers, friends and Banchuks’ relatives still cannot recover. So heavy was the loss of Oleh to all. But life is steadily marching forward. Oleh remained wife Halyna and little Sasha, who need our help, especially for medical treatment. For now the family will have to learn to live without the husband, the father who gave his life for all of us. 

People Help The People charity Platform, whose wards are now the Banchuks family, calls for help to the child of the hero. After all, the children will be building a new life and a new country, for which the best representatives of Ukrainian nation gave their lives. 


Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Oleh Banchuk


Zhytomyr region
Driver-mechanic, 30th detached mechanized brigade, Ukraine Army soldier
28 y.o.
24.10.1986 – 15.01.2015
Died January 15, 2015 in the Easter Ukraine.


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