Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
13 july 2016

Help family of fallen Ukrainian soldier Ruslan Konoshenko: three children Olesia, Maxim, Karina and wife Liudmyla


Ruslan Konoshenko senior soldier of 81st detached airborne brigade (90th detached airmobile battalion). The fate gave Ruslan wife Liudmyla and the happiness to be the father to three children: Alex (2005 born), Maxim (2009 born) and Karina (2014 born). The fate left the children without the father. Ruslan Konoshenko died in the Donetsk airport terminal, January 20, 2015, covering the evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers. Thanks to him, all the 17 wounded were taken away; all of them remained alive, except Ruslan, who remained in the memory of relatives and colleagues. 

Ruslan feared nothing, was never hiding, he took the news of the mission to the Donetsk airport as another challenge of fate. He understood, if not him, who else would protect our family? «Liudmyla Konoshenko says with tears in her eyes tells. They met in the marketplace of Kamyanets-Podilski, where she was selling paintings depicting ships. "Ruslan had just returned from military service. He served in Odessa on the ship. He immediately noticed those pictures and decided to buy a few as souvenirs. So we got acquainted, chatted and then got married", says Liudmyla. 

The Konoshenko couple always tried to do everything together. Speaking of her husband, the widow Liudmyla says he was calm, kind, never quarrelled, liked to play with children. "I still cannot believe that Ruslan is not alive. I believed to the last that he was taken prisoner and we would soon see him (people assumed that Ruslan could be captured by Russia-backed insurgents, because after the fight, his fate was unknown. Only three months later the body of the hero was delivered to Dnipropetrovsk, where he was identified). And he wanted to see Karina (their youngest daughter) with braided pigtails... I myself must now raise our children, put them on their feet. Let the war be ended soon", says Liudmyla Konoshenko. 

Now the ‘cyborg’ Ruslan’s wife Liudmyla and three children remain without their breadwinner. Maxim this year goes to school, and Karina to kindergarten; and Alex goes to the fifth form. For Liudmyla this means additional costs, so let's help them together, take care of the children of the Hero.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Konoshenko Ruslan

Khmelnytsky region
Senior grenade Platoon Soldier, 81st detached airborne brigade (90th detached airmobile battalion)
32 y.o.
02.23.1983 - 01.20.2015
He died in the Donetsk airport terminal
By Ukraine President Decree number 282/2015 of 23 May 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath" Ruslan Konoshenko was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).

He was awarded the medal "For Defense of the Donetsk airport" (posthumously).

Just before leaving for the airport, he exchanged his AKM for PKM gun with a guy from another company. January 17, he with heavy fire from this PKM 7.62 caliber machine gun plugged the enemy's heavy machine gun 7.62 "cliff" caliber 12.7. Thus he covered the evacuation of 17 wounded Ukrainian soldiers.


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