Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
30 august 2016

Help Ukrainian soldier's family: son Vadim and wife Olha. Yevhen Zerniy was killed in Eastern Ukraine, area of Russia-Ukraine conflict

Family photos


"Life is like snapped. I do not know what will happen because we have lost the whole world..."

Yevhen Zerniy and his would-be wife Olha knew each other since childhood. 19-year-old boy saw the 14-year-old girl, who at that time studied at school, and immediately fell in love. They call it love at first sight. Then there were walks together, flowers, movies, travels”. Yevhen was always very attentive to me. One could only envy his natural confidence and determination. Since then, the lovers were always together.

After the marriage, Yevhen wanted to have a child. Olha admits, he even urged her in this. "When their son Vadim was born you could not recognize Yevhen, of course, in a good sense. Literally from the first day, he started to help me with the baby. He just loved Vadim”, says Olha Zerniy.

Yevhen Zerniy was an engineer, so he worked on construction sites, often went on business trips. The work took too much time, so when the man had an opportunity to stay at home he was very glad. "He always spent time with us. We recall it like a holiday. It was our tradition to go to the park with Vadim for attractions and entertainments. Yevhen was very friendly. But when he met with friends he always took the son took with him. There was a joint family vacation, "- says the wife of the hero. And also, Yevhen enjoyed skiing and skating with his son. Planned a visit to the ocean and really wanted another child. But it remained just a dream...

The wife of Yevhen Zerniy says that her husband was very easy to communicate and an incorrigible optimist. Whatever happened, he was very positive, saying: "Everything is great!", "Do not worry!", "You are the most important for me". Whatever decision he took – he could always sacrifice his interests for the benefit of the family. They have been living with his wife in love and care for the child.

Yevhen Zerniy passed military service in the National Guard of Ukraine. So with the start of Russian aggression he was mobilized and went to the East of Ukraine to defend our country. Yevhen was a member of the 92nd detached mechanized brigade. "Most of all he was worried not worry us. He asked me not to tell the parents that he went to war in Donbas", says Olha.

"Sometimes it just became unbearable those obscurity and expectations. But because Yevhen believed that the thoughts were material, I tried not to think about the bad", said the wife of the deceased. For the last time, Olha saw her husband when he came home on New Year's Eve. Then Yevhen said that the main thing was to return alive, but the fate decided otherwise... Yevhen Zerniy died from multiple shrapnel wounds received during a mortar attack of Russia-supported terrorists near the village of Luhanske, Donetsk region, east Ukraine. The tragedy happened on the day of the 19th anniversary of his acquaintance with Olha.

"They say God takes the best. I want to believe it, because Yevhen really was the best. When I heard the news of his death my life was broken. I do not know what will happen, because we have lost the whole world", barely holding back her tears says Olha Zerniy.

No award can ease the loss and pain that the wife of the hero Olha and his 14-year-old son Vadim feel, who bravely held himself at the burial and tried to support his mother. Despite his age he is a real man, as his father. Despite everything, the family tries to learn to live a common life. Olha and her son Vadim, got an apartment from the government, but it needs repair, and Vadim needs a computer. We hope that after reading this, you can look for the opportunity to help the family of Yevhen Zerniy.

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OLHA ZERNII 4188370026051790 Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Zerniy Yevhen

Kharkiv region
92nd Mechanized Brigade. Deputy platoon leader
37 y.o.
02.26.1977 - 05.02.2015
Died February 2015 during mortar attack near the settlement Luhanske, Artemivsk district, Donetsk region, the zone of Russia-Ukraine conflict.
Date and place of birth: April 26, 1977, village Birky, Zmiyiv district, Kharkiv region.

Date and place of death: February 5, 2015, settlement Luhanske, Artemivsk district, Donetsk region, East Ukraine, zone of Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Rank: Sgt.

Position: Deputy platoon leader.

Division: 92nd Mechanized Brigade.

Circumstances of the death: Killed February 2015 during mortar attack near the settlement Luhanske, Artemivsk district, Donetsk region.

Marital status: left a wife and son.

Place of burial: p. Tags, Zmiev district, Kharkiv oblast.Ukazom President of Ukraine № 282/2015 of 23 May 2015 for "personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath," Eugene grain awarded the Order "For courage »III degree (posthumously).


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