Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
1 september 2016

Help the family of Ihor Yurchenko, Ukraine soldier fallen in the fight against Russian aggression in East Ukraine: wife Natalia and daughter Daryna

Family photos


"I never stop thinking about my Ihor. As if the world has fallen. How much we wanted to do..."

Ihor Yurchenko and Natalia Nikonenko knew each other since school years. However, they were not personally familiar. One day, the break, Ihor with friends came to Natalia’s class to play and talk. Then Natalia for the first time drew the attention of the guy. This is how their acquaintance started, and later it grew a strong friendship, which eventually grew into love. After a few years of married life, they had a daughter and named her Daria.

- We are expecting a baby. And when he learned that I was pregnant, Ihor was very happy. Always tried to help, so that I did nothing I, was very attentive and caring when our girl was born. He loved her so much that no words can describe it", says the wife of the deceased.

Since childhood, Ihor was used to hard work. Together with his father, who was a builder, he went to work, where he learned the profession. Immediately after the graduation, he began working himself, and when he married Natalia, went to work in Kyiv coming home on weekends to his wife and daughter. "He always carried little Darynka in his arms, amused her, and when the daughter grew up we used to take long walks, went to the plain air. Ihor loved fishing and taught us too. He was a kind, thoughtful, caring, loving husband and father. We felt like behind the wall. And for Darynka he was ready to do everything,  always fulfilled all her whims", Natalia tells.

Such was a happy life of a young family. But the war changed everything. Since the beginning of Russian aggression in Donbas, Ihor Yurchenko could not just watch how the enemy was destroying the country and killing people. Although he had not served in the army, he decided to volunteer; he had an example of his younger brother Dmytro, who was already at war. After completing training before being sent into the war zone in the Eastern Ukraine, Ihor last saw his wife and daughter.

The tragic news of the death of her husband, Natalia heard from Ihor’s mother. "My mind did not accept it. Darynka came up and asked: "Did my Daddy die?" – “No”, I said, “everything is fine”. And Daria began to cry and ask why her dad died...» says the soldier’s wife Natalia.

Ihor Yurchenko died from fatal injuries while providing aid and evacuating the wounded near the village Novoorlivka, Shakhtarsk area. Now, the family of the Ukrainian soldier Ihor Yurchenko tries to learn to accept the loss, but it's not easy. 10-year-old Daria tells her mother that she often sees father, she is afraid of darkness and of staying at home alone. The state helped the soldier’s family with housing, they got an apartment and they need to buy the most necessary furniture. And also, the girl needs new clothes.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Yurchenko Ihor

Zhytomyr region
54 detached reconnaissance battalion
35 y.o.
09.07.1979 - 11.17.2014
Killed November 17, 2014, during the evacuation of the wounded near the village Novoorlivka, Shakhtarsk district, Donetsk region, East Ukraine, Russia-supported rebellion area.
Rank: Private.
Position: Radiotelegraphist at The 1st Intelligence Branch, 3rd intelligence platoon of the 2nd reconnaissance company.
Division: 54 detached reconnaissance battalion.
Place of burial: town Narodychi, Zhytomyr region.
Marital status: left a wife and daughter.

By Ukraine President Decree number 311/2015 of 4 June 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).


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