Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
6 september 2016

Help the family of deceased Ukrainian soldier Dmytro Holovko: wife Yulia and children Mikhailo and Vironika

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"Dad really loved us and did not want this to happen..."

"Reliable, honest, thrifty and very responsible. It seems that those six years we lived together, were a real fairy tale», says about her husband, Lieutenant Colonel Dmytro Holovko, his wife Yulia.

Dmytro was a professional soldier. He graduated from the Kyiv Institute of Land Forces, his specialty being Combat Use of Special Purpose Units; he was chief of airborne equipment service - special-purpose regiment of Ukraine Ministry of Defence, in the rank of major. He took part in Iraq campaign as deputy commander of the reconnaissance company. After returning he was sent from Kropyvnytsky where served before to Kharkiv to learn English, which was necessary for his future participation in peacekeeping operations. There the Ukrainian soldier met Yulia, with whom he connected his future life.

“When Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine began, Dmytro called his parents and said that he was summoned. Man without delay decided to go to defend the country. I did not realize that it Dmytro’s duty, he had already been demobilized, worked in construction, we had two little children, I did not want him to expose himself to danger. However, husband said that just would not forgive himself if, he would not want his son to ask him why father having military experience did not go to defend the country», says Yulia.

From April to August 2014, Dmytro Holovko was in the hottest spots in the East of Ukraine, area of Russia-Ukraine conflict. He told his wife in telephone conversations that he was in the Zaporizhzhia region, that nothing bad was happening, all was well and he would soon return home. And only after the return he told the truth. “Then he came on vacations, he was very tired. He told that the war was not like it was told about. There were people who want to finish everything quickly and professionally performed their duty, and there were people among the authorities that prevented this. So my husband decided to retire early, but could not live a civil life”, sais the wife of the deceased Ukraine’s defender. 

Dmytro Holovko had a dream since childhood to be a border guard, but because of the great competition failed to enter the department. So he decided to contract to border guards, and submitted all the necessary documents. “They were considered almost six months. Dmytro waited too long, and as the reply came that he could go he was very happy because his dream came true. Going to the service in Starobels, Luhansk region he said goodbye to us and even cried. Today I think he probably felt that he would not see us any more», says the wife of the deceased Ukrainian soldier.

And in ten days Yulia received terrible news: Dmytro Holovko was killed during a combat mission. “I remember the day we were talking in the morning. Dima said that he give another call in the evening, but that evening there was not a call. I thought he could be busy. Next day his mother called and said that Dima was gone», sais the soldier’s wife barely holding back her tears.
Now Dmytro Holovko’s family - his wife Julia and two little children Vironika and Mykhailo rent a flat, the children grow quickly, they need clothes and items of daily use. From the state the family has not received any support, as clarifying of the circumstances of his death continues.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Holovko Dmytro

Kharkiv region
Lieutenant Colonel. Senior agent of Border Operational and Investigation Department. Eastern regional administration.
39 y.o.
05.05.1976 - 06.06.2015
He died June 6, 2015, during a combat mission in the area of Russian aggression, east Ukraine.
Date and place of birth: May 5, 1976, v. Orlovka, Khokholsky District, Voronezh region

Date and place of death: June 6, 2015

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel.

Position: Senior of Agent Border Operational and Investigation Department.

Division: Eastern regional administration.

Circumstances of the death: He died June 6, 2015 during a combat mission in the area of Russian aggression.

Marital status: wife, son and daughter remained.


Valentina Afanasievna, mother of the fallen

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Wife of the fallen Natalia with two daughters

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Parents of the fallen

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