Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
19 october 2016

Help the family of Ukrainian soldier Volodymyr Usenko, who died in Russia-Ukraine conflict zone: wife Tetiana and son Dmytro

Family photos


"We still are waiting for Volodymyr to return, embrace us and say that everything will be alright..."


Volodymyr Usenko and Tetiana Shtykh were ordinary Ukrainian family, which had plans and dreams, worked, wanted to age together, raise a son and to be proud of his successes and achievements, and simply to enjoy their life. But the war negated all plans...


"Volodymyr had always something to talk about. He supported me, helped, and most importantly - never let me feel sad, always invented some stories or prepared some surprise for me", says Volodymyr’s wife Tetiana Shtykh.


A month after they met, the young couple began to live together, and soon got married. According to the woman, the family for Volodymyr has always been the most important. In the years of "perestroika", the factory where Volodymyr Usenko worked was closed. So, the man went to the police, worked as a traffic inspector. After several years of work, in 2004, according to the reform, he was dismissed. At the same time, the family had a son Dmytro, who from his birth suffered from asthma. "We had a lot of difficulties and different circumstances, but Volodymyr never gave up. He supported me and despite being constantly busy he found opportunities to change me on my night duty at the hospital, in our son’s room. Now I can say yes, if not him, do not know how I would cope alone", says Tetiana.


The son’s treatment takes funds. So Volodymyr, without waiting for a suitable work, opened his own workshop of repair of household appliances and turned his hobby – beekeeping into a small profit.


And then Euromaidan began. Volodymyr and his friends took an active part in it. In Kharkiv they joined the Automaidan, and then formed a local Self-Defence. Since the beginning of the Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine (Donbas), Volodymyr Usenko did not hide or wait for the summons. He himself went to the draft office and applied to be sent to the warzone in the East of Ukraine.


Volodymyr Usenko was a member of the 92nd detached mechanized brigade. Coincidentally, that same time the attack on Ilovaysk began, so Volodymyr asked his commanders to send him to the crucible of the combat. On the night of 27 to 28 of August, 2014, Volodymyr got under the fire of sabotage and reconnaissance groups and Russian artillery near Novozarivka village. Since then, no one had seen the soldier. Only in September 25, 2014, Volodymyr Usenko’s body was found by the search Mission Evacuation-200 (Black Tulip) and identified by DNA test. He was buried as a hero on 15 March, 2015, in his native Kharkiv. The family of Volodymyr Usenko - his wife Tetiana and son Dmytro - still cannot believe that their father is gone for ever. The boy often recalls his father and regrets about those many things he did not tell him. And his asthma that over a year and as half did not show itself has again returned and aggravated. So Dmytro needs funds for treatment. Let us help Dima to overcome the disease, let us do everything to make his life better.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Usenko Volodymyr

Soldier, senior driver, 92nd detached mechanized brigade
49 y.o.
06.24.1965 - 08.28.2014
Killed in the Ilovaisk incirclement, 28.08.2014.
Soldier, senior driver, 92nd detached mechanized brigade
Volodymyr graduated from the Kharkiv school №65, then studied at KhPI, worked in the Traffic Police. Over the years of service he was promoted to the rank of major.

A member of "Automaidan", "Kharkiv Self-Defence."

Killed in the Ilovaisk incirclement, 28.08.2014.

Awarded a medal For Courage 3rd degree (posthumously).


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