Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
25 october 2016

Help the children of Roman Kradozhon, Ukraine Army soldier: Yaroslav and Maxim, and his wife Natalia

Family photos


"He was longing to go to the front, to defend our country"

The would-be spouses Roman and Natalia Kradozhon met on greenhouse plant, where they used to work. 

The woman liked the Roman for his honesty and cheerfulness. This was the man who was always ready to come to help. The young couple tried to do everything together. Natalie says that Roman was very attentive, often brought her flowers and gifts. 

The man was fond of backgammon play and fishing. And when they had kids - Yaroslav and Maxim – he tried all his attention to pay to them. "He spent a lot of time with them, walking, going out-of-doors, went to the river, to the skating rink. He taught the children "men’s things"”, says the wife of the fallen Ukrainian Army soldier Natalia Kradozhon. 

"You know, my Roman was a great man and a good father. It is hard to realize that he was killed and that we will not see him any more", says the woman holding back her tears. 

Roman Kradozhon, Ukrainian Army soldier served in the 34th battalion of territorial defence Batkivschyna (Fatherland). 

He died August 13, 2014, during the shelling of the BM-21 of the reference point near Leninske village, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine. 

"They requested to be sent to the front-line”, recalls the deputy commander of the 1st Special Brigade of territorial defence Colonel Volodymyr Mazuriak. “They wanted to leave the training camp as soon as possible and to be really useful..." 

The fallen Ukrainian hero of Russia-Ukraine war has remained wife Natalia and his two sons: Yaroslav and Maxim at home. The children miss their Dad so much, they remember how they spent time together and still cannot believe that the war has taken away their beloved father.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Kradozhon Roman

Kirovohrad region
Driver-medic at medical unit
37 y.o.
27.10.1977 - 13.08.2014
He died August 13, 2014, during the shelling of the BM-21 of the reference point near Leninske village, Donetsk region, Eastern Ukraine, area of Russia-Ukraine war.
Studied at Velykoseverynivska secondary school, finished Koziatyn vocational shool as a cook-confectioner, worked as a head of Lukoil gas station.
Cooked very tasty borshch; evacuated wounded soliers.
Left a wife and two sons.

He was awarded the Order "For courage" of 3rd degree, the honors sign "For courage and bravery", medal "For sacrifice and love for Ukraine"

He was buried in his native village.


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