Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
1 november 2016

Help the family of Оlexandr Mostipan, fallen Ukraine soldier, veteran of Russian-Ukrainian war: wife Natalia and daughters Yaroslava and Nika

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"Father turned to angel and went to God, but in our hearts it stays forever..."


"Kind, loving father. Responsible person. Always ready to help and support, to give advice and consolation. Now that he is gone, it is so hard for ma and daughters. No one to trust, no one to tell the grief to, and no one to share the joy and sorrow with", says Natalia about her deceased husband, a Ukrainian soldier of 28th detached mechanized brigade Oleksandr Mostipan.


Oleksandr was an athlete, had MMR rank in sprint, loved mathematics and with great pleasure taught it at school. He had the ability to involve his students in learning sciences. He loved to work with wood, manufactured furniture. The wife of the deceased Russian-Ukrainian war veteran says that Oleksandr inherited the abilities and preferences from his parents. His mother was a teacher of mathematics too, and his father - a construction engineer.


Since the beginning of Russia-Ukraine war, Oleksandr Mostipan went to defend the country. He served in the ranks of the 28th detached mechanized brigade. He did not have time to come to the family on vacation. Natalie Mostipan says that her husband often called her. Talked mostly about how the day passed, shared the impressions, talked about the success of children, discussed plans for the future. Oleksandr said he re-estimated his whole life and now knew the value of time spent with family.


"Before Oleksandr’s death I had a dream, we were standing with the children in the river, and he was standing on the bank. We called him for a swim but he said that he could not, that he had some important things to do. In the morning I woke up and called him, I wanted to tell the dream, but he did not answer. At 2 p.m. he died..." says Natalia holding back tears. Oleksandr Mostipan died June 8, 2015, at 14 o'clock, near Krasnogorivka, Maryinsky district, Donetsk region, as a result of in hitting an anti-tank mine and the blast of military truck GAZ-53 which was carrying the ammunition to the position of Ukrainian troops. "About six in the morning, I called my husband’s mother; she said that she heard the news about the death of seven soldiers from 28th Brigade where Oleksandr served. I called the volunteers of 28th Brigade, they confirmed this information", says the wife of the deceased Ukrainian soldier.


The woman recalls that at that moment she was very excited and could not control the flow of tears. "Children, Nika and Yaroslava were the first who reassured me. I explained to them that the father had become an angel and went to God, but in our hearts he would remain forever. And if you want to contact him, he is always there and will always hear just will not answer", says the wife of the hero of Russian-Ukrainian war.


Now Natalia Mostipan and daughters of the deceased hero, 12-year-old Yaroslava and 10-year-old Nika miss their husband and father. The children learn to be independent: they do their homework themselves, cook food, because their mother is not so often at home, because she has to work for two. A year after the death of Oleksandr, the family received the pension for children and got their share of one-time compensation. But this money is not enough, because children grow quickly, they need clothes, and more - must make a new wardrobe, because Oleksandr did not have time to make it. Let's take care of the children of the killed Ukrainian soldier Oleksandr Mostipan and help them.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Mostipan Oleksandr

Mechanic-radiotelehrafist, 28th detached mechanized brigade, Russian-Ukrainian war veteran
32 y.o.
14.09.1983 – 08.06.2015
Died June 8, 2015, village Krasnogorivka, Maryinka district, Donetsk region, zone of Russian intervetion

Date and place of birth: September 14, 1983, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Date and place of death: June 8, 2015, c. Krasnogorivka, Maryinsky district, Donetsk region, area of Russian-Ukrainian war.

Title: Soldier.

Position: Mechanic-radiotelehrafist.

Division: 28th detached mechanized brigade.


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