Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
5 november 2016

Help the family of Ukraine soldier Serhiy Zulinskyi, a fallen veteran of Russia-Ukraine war: wife Kateryna and daughter Zlata


"Zlata, our daughter misses father badly. She often looks at father’s photo, recognizes him and points her finger to the sky knowing that he is there..."

The would-be spouses met on the bus. Serhiy and Kateryna were returning from vacations in the Carpathians. “This was the case what they call a love at first sight. I liked Serhiy for his sincerity and openness, his desire to care and to help”, says the wife of the deceased Ukraine soldier. From that time on they never parted. Travelled a lot, took part in recreational activities, had many friends with whom they spent time.

In several years, they decided to get married and were very happy. After 9 months, they had a daughter, they called Zlata. "We were very happy. And how glad Serhiy! He literally carried our baby in his hands. He tried always to help me with the child», says Tatiana. But two months later, Serhiy Zulinskyi was mobilized to the Ukraine Armed Forces. "He was a real man, and as devoted patriot he proudly went to defend our country from Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine. We all - daughter, parents, friends and acquaintances were eagerly awaiting the return of our warrior, but on January 20, 2015, his heart stopped beating... Serhiy was killed during the shelling of the Donetsk airport», recalls with pain the deceased Ukraine soldier’s wife. 

The last time she spoke by telephone with Serhiy just before death. The man said he was going to Donetsk airport. Then the connection broke, and for a long time Serhiy Zulinskyi was considered missing. 

A year and a half has passed since the death of Serhiy; his daughter Zlata still misses him so much. She often looks at father’s photo, recognizes him and points her finger to the sky knowing that he is there...

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Zulinskyi Serhiy

Vinnytsia region
Chief Sergeant
81 detached airborne brigade (90th separate airmobile battalion).
28 y.o.
07.04.1987 - 20.01.2015
Title: Junior Sgt.

Position: Chief Sergeant-squad.

Division: 81st detached airborne brigade (90th separate airmobile battalion).

By Ukraine President Decree number 282/2015 of 23 May 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath" Serhiy Zulinskyi was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).

He was awarded the medal "For Defense of the Donetsk airport" (posthumously).


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