Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
14 november 2016

Help the family of Ukraine soldier Pavlo Pivovarenko, deceased veteran of Russia-Ukraine war: wife Svitlana and two sons, Eugene and Maxim

Family photos


"I do not know how to tell the younger son about his father's death, he sincerely believes and waits for dear daddy back and hug him..."

"Responsible, demanding of subordinates, and fair. And yet, he loved his family, me and our children" the first that Svitlana Pivovarenko says recalling her husband Pavlo Pivovarenko, a deceased Russia-Ukraine war veteran who died in the Eastern Ukraine, the 51st Mechanized Brigade’s  commander.

When Pavlo and Svitlana got married, they moved to the Crimea. There they began to build their life. "It was 1996-1997. There was not absolutely anything, no water, no heating... Yes, like all Ukraine military, we began, as they say, "from scratch". But that was nothing, while we lived there, my husband tried so that we had everything we needed”, says Svitlana Pivovarenko.

Soon the family had a son Eugene. The father was very happy about the child, and every time he had an opportunity he ran home, as the work took almost all his time, and he tried to give all the attention to his son and wife.

Svitlana says that when their second son Maxim was born, her husband was spending all his time near him. "The difference between children’s age is 13 years and when Maxim was born my husband was already 36 years old, not 23 as when Eugene was born. He was already a formed personality; therefore the sense of responsibility was much greater. He bathed the son himself, played with him, went for a walk with him", tell Svitlana about the fallen Russia-Ukraine war participant.

Later on, the Pivovarenko family moved to Kyiv where Pavlo continued his service in Ukraine Armed Forces. And with the Russian aggression, he had to spend all the time on the grounds, he conducted training for the newly mobilized soldiers, and from May, 2014 he left for the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. He had been in many hot spots: Popasna, Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Ilovaisk in the exit from which he died.

"You know, sometimes it feels like this is not happening to me. But we need to live for the sake of the children and the memory of my husband, although believing that I will never see him again is very difficult», says holding back her tears the wife of the deceased Russia-Ukraine war veteran.

The eldest son Eugene knows that his father died, he was with his mother at the reburial, but the younger son Maxim still is waiting for the dad and believes that he will return. "I do not even know how to tell him that his father is gone. I'm afraid he is too small, just going to be 5; perhaps I’ll wait a little for him to grow up", says Svitlana.

The State helped the Pivovarenkos family by providing a new housing and by paying a compensation. But their new apartment needs repairs. The children, especially the smaller Maxim, grow quickly, so he needs clothing - winter boots - and toys. Help the children of the Ukraine soldier, defender of the country.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Pivovarenko Pavlo

Kyiv region
Colonel, brigade commander, 51st detached mechanized brigade
39 y.o.
09.02.1975 - 29.08.2014
He died on 29th August 2014 on the exit from the Ilovaisk siege.
Rank: Colonel.

Position: Commander of the brigade.

Division: 51st detached mechanized brigade.
Date and place of birth: September 2, 1975, town Radomyshl, Zhytomyr region.
Date and place of death: August 29, 2014, village Gorbatenko, Starobeshiv district, Donetsk region, Etas Ukraine, Russia-Ukraine war area.

He died on 29th August 2014 during the exit from the Ilovaisk siege by the so-called Green corridor. August 30, the body of Pavlo Pivovarenko together with the bodies of 87 other Ukraine soldiers was brought to the morgue of Zaporizhzhia. It was identified by DNA test.

By Ukraine President Decree number 258/2016 of 17 June 2016 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", Pavlo was awarded the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, III degree (posthumously).


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