Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
17 november 2016

Help the family of Ukraine soldier Pavlo Strelchuk, Russia-Ukraine war veteran who died in east Ukraine: wife Yulia and son Oleksiy

"Unbelievable kindness. Pavlo had very clear, deep and kind eyes. He was a good host. Always able to console and comfort", this the first what Yulia Strelchuk tells remembering her deceased husband Pavlo Strelchuk, Ukraine soldier who died in the fight against pro-Russian terrorists.


"Pasha was killed on the day of our wedding. This further strengthens and deepens the loss of my pain..."

He gave his younger colleague his bulletproof vest, and his favourite expression was "Everything will be fine". A soldier of Aydar battalion Pavlo Strelchuk is one of the thousands of heroes who gave their lives for Ukraine in the area of Russia-Ukraine war. 

At home Pavlo and Yulia always helped and supported each other. "Pavlo cooked very well, some dishes he made so well that I could never copy them. He had always loved sweets and had always loved children, they were always together cooking something in the kitchen. He had golden hands. I cannot remember a thing he could not realize with our plans", Yulia shares her memories of her deceased husband, a Ukraine soldier, a veteran of Russia-Ukraine war. 

Since the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity, Pavlo Strelchuk was one of its activists. The man was working for a time in the Crimea when he saw how the police cruelty against students on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square); he returned to Kyiv where together with his family began to struggle for a better life. "He was in the hottest locations. I was also in Maidan, volunteered in psychological aid, in paramedicine too, when necessary. February, 18 was a hard day. All adults of our family were on the Maidan. I cannot forget the words of my husband that day: "Someone of us has to stay alive. Go to the children. «It gives pain recalling all that", says Yulia Strelchuk, wife of the fallen Ukraine soldier. 

Since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine in Donbass, east Ukraine, Pavlo Strelchuk was one of the first to go to the East in the ranks of the 24th battalion of territorial defence Aydar. He never told his wife and children where he was so that they were not worried. Yulia Strelchuk admits that she guessed where her husband was because she was a psychologist and hiding something from her was difficult. "Pavlo always said that he was in the training camp, although I understood he went to a real war", says Yulia. 

At the front, Pavlo Strelchuk, was engaged in the evacuation of the wounded and the dead. July 26, 2014, he died from injuries incompatible with life as a result of the accident, near the town Shchastia, Luhansk region, Donbas, east Ukraine during a combat mission. For hours the doctors fought for his life. From the hospital in Shchastia, where he underwent surgery, the helicopter took him to Kharkiv, where he died. 

Yulia Strelchuk says the grief of the death of Pavlo made their children closer to each other, 18-year-old Catherine and 12-year-old Alex became even friendlier, they support each other. "They took the news of the loss of their father very hard. They both lamented in their own way, they still remember their common moments with him. At home, Alex is trying to replace the father. If something goes bad or breaks, he does just what father did – he brings the toolbox and tries to fix it. I often feel like I want to call Pavlo and ask for advice, but then I realize there is no one to call ", the wife of the deceased Ukrainian soldier. 

The state has paid the compensation to the Strelchuks as the family of fallen participant of Russia-Ukraine war, but the military pension for the children is not intended yet, and the monthly payments are not enough even for the basic things. Let's help the family of the deceased hero of the Maidan and Russia-Ukraine war Pavlo Strelchuk.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Pavlo Strelchuk

Participant the Revolution of Dignity, Russia-Ukraine war veteran, mortar at 24th battalion of territorіal Defence Aydar
41 y.o.
08.08.1973 - 26.07.2014
Died 26 July, 2014, in the accident near town Shchastia, Luhansk region, Donbas, east Ukraine, Russian invasion area.
Rank: private.

Position: mortar.

Division: 24th Battalion of the Territorial Defence Aydar.

By Ukraine President Decree number 365/2015 of 28 June 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defence of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath" Pavlo Strelchuk was awarded the Order "For courage", III degree (posthumously).


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