Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
23 november 2016

Help the family of Serhiy Poberezhnyk, Ukraine soldier fallen in Russia-Ukraine war, wife Svitlana and two children, son Makar and daughter Marina


"When I hear the elevator noise, I feel like Serhiy is about to open the door and come in..." 

"Courageous, honest and with immense willpower", the first thing that Svitlana Poberezhnyk says about her deceased husband, Ukraine soldier of  24th detached mechanized brigade Serhiy Poberezhnyk. 

It so happened that on the eve of their wedding, the man had to endure a complicated operation on the spine, so the young bride was to support her groom. Soon they were expecting a daughter. Daughter Maryna was born next year after the marriage – so tiny and an exact replica of Serhiy. 

In 2009 the family had a son too, named Makar. Svitlana did not go to Kyiv when her husband received a work there, so Serhiy every Friday came home to be with her and the children, who missed him so much. And then, the young father with no hesitation decided to move back to work in Chernivtsi in order to take a more part in the education of their children. 

"We never stayed at home on days-off”, says Svitlana. Each time we went to his parents or to the mountains. I even asked my husband when there will be a break from wandering. And he replied smiling: "Have a rest when you retire". According to the woman, the children loved those trips and were used to them. So when for a long time we did not go anywhere, they asked about the next voyage and the time to collect backpacks. 

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity, Serhiy Poberezhnyk felt his duty to support the people who stood against the then ruling regime. "Serhiy was very upset that his schedule did not let him go to Kyiv Maidan, so he had to go there during his vacations. And every weekend, we, together with the kids, were sure to come out to our local Maidan in Chernivtsi", says the wife of the deceased Ukraine Army soldier. 

When the Russia-Ukraine war began, Serhiy decided to go to the Donbas, the East of Ukraine, to defend the country from Russia-supported separatists. "Serhiy had health problems, so he could quite legally avoid the mobilization. However, he decided to volunteer. He believed it was his man’s duty, and he worried what he would tell his son when he would ask what Dad was doing when there was the war", says Svitlana Poberezhnyk, the wife of the Russia-Ukraine war veteran. 

After interoperability in Yavoriv ground, Serhiy Poberezhnyk, in the ranks of the 24th detached mechanized brigade served in the Luhansk region, east Ukraine, the area of Russian invasion. His wife says that her husband never told about the real situation there, only calmed her down and said that everything would be fine. But the fate decided otherwise. On a mission, during the arrangement of a combat position, Serhiy Poberezhnyk stumbled on a tripwire which was set there by Russia-backed terrorists. He died on the spot. 

Now the wife of the deceased Ukraine soldier Svitlana and two children, 7-year-old Makar and 12-year-old Marina miss their husband and father badly. The state helped the family by paying the compensation and providing the housing but it needs repair. Let's help the family of the deceased Serhiy Poberezhnyk to arrange their life.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Serhiy Poberezhnyk

Chernivtsi region
24th detached mechanized brigade
32 y.o.
08.21.1982 - 10.13.2014
Died 13 October 2014 near the village Triokhizbenka, Luhansk region, east Ukraine, the area of Russia-Ukraine war.
Title: Soldier.

Position: Room attendants.

Division: 24th detached mechanized brigade.

Circumstances of the death: Died October 13, 2014 near the village Triokhizbenka, Luhansk region, he stumbled on a tripwire which was set there by Russia-backed terrorist groups.

By the Ukraine Presidential Decree number 26/2015 of 22 January 2015, "for personal courage and heroism in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, high professionalism, loyalty to the military oath", Serhiy Poberezhnyk was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously) .


Help Ukraine Army soldier's family - Ilya Leoniy fallen in Russia-Ukraine war: wife Svitlana and children: sons Michael, Nazar and Marian, and daughter Christine

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