Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
24 november 2016

Help Ukraine Army soldier's family - Ilya Leoniy fallen in Russia-Ukraine war: wife Svitlana and children: sons Michael, Nazar and Marian, and daughter Christine

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"When I knew that my Ilya died, I asked God it was just a bad dream..." 

"Responsible and hard-working, always helped everyone, and his family - the dearest value for him", says Svitlana Leontiy about her husband Ilya deceased in Russia-Ukraine war zone in Donbas. 

The would-be spouses met when Ilya returned from the military service and came to visit his sister, there he first saw Svitlana. "I liked Ilya immediately; he had a bright sparkle in his eyes. With him I felt calm and protected. He had serious intentions to create a family", says the woman. 

After a few months of dating, the young people together went to Kyiv region on seasonal works - to collect beets, and on they got married on coming back. After the wedding, they lived in Svitlana’s native village Davydeny (in Bukovyna). The young couple worked in forestry, and then Ilya worked in the local school as a stoker. And in the off season, he continued to go to work as a journeyman, mastered the practice of buildingб and step by step began to build their own house. "Right before our wedding, he said he would build us a house. However difficult it was, he had kept his promise, found opportunities and time for construction. Only now that house is empty without Ilya...» sadly says Svitlana, the wife of the fallen Ukraine soldier. 

And with the beginning of Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine we worried about the future of our country and children, so he went to the East. In the Donbas, the area of Russian aggression, the man served in the ranks of the 80th detached landing-assault brigade. Svitlana Leontiy says that Ilya phoned her almost every day, but did not tell anything the war. "Ilya rang om his way in the Luhansk region. Then he said that they were moving from place to place. He asked about the kids, the garden, the cattle. He left the grafted garden and asked me to cut off the excess leaves, to avoid pulling exhausting. I often worked by the remote guidance, holding the phone to my ear...", recalls the wife of the deceased Ukraine soldier. 

One day the connection broke. Ilya’s phone was "out of range". "I did not even think that something bad could have happened. And then the neighbours heard on television about the death of Bukovina military. I decided immediately to go in Chernivtsi. There I was told the tragic news: my Ilya was gone. When I saw the body, saw the burnt remains, I frantically repeated and convinced myself that that was not Ilya. I asked God it was just a bad dream... But that was reality", says the woman holding back her tears.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Leontiy Ilya

Chernivtsi region
80th separate landing assault brigade.
39 y.o.
07.28.1975 - 06.17.2014
He died June 17, 2014, in a battle with Russia-backed separatists in near town Shchastia, Luhansk region, the zone of Russia-Ukraine war.
Date and place of birth: July 28, 1975, village Chudey, Storozhynets district, Chernivtsi region.

Date and place of death: June 17, 2014, town Shchastia, Luhansk region.

Title: Soldier.

Division: 80th detached landing assault brigade.

Circumstances of the death: Died June 17, 2014, in a battle with Russia-supported terrorists near town Shchastia, Luhansk region. Together with Illya there were killed Lieutenant V. Fayfura, Sergeant B. Mihovan, Junior Sergeant Ivan Krysovatyy, senior soldier B. Pitsul, soldier M. Donyk, soldier Y. Mizunskyy, soldier Ivan Valiavsky and Junior Sergeant V. Yakobchuk.

Marital status: had wife, daughter and three sons, the youngest of which was two and a half years old.

Place of burial: village Davydivka, Storozhynets district, Chernivtsi region.

Order For Bravery III grade.

By the Ukraine President Decree number 631/2014 of 2 August 2014, "for personal courage and heroism in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine", Illya Leontiy awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously). Order "For muzhnіst» III degree (posthumously).


Help the family of Serhiy Poberezhnyk, Ukraine soldier fallen in Russia-Ukraine war, wife Svitlana and two children, son Makar and daughter Marina

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