Help fallen Ukraine Army soldier family
28 november 2016

Help Ukraine soldier's family: wife Tetiana and two sons, Daniel and Alexander, the family of a Russia-Ukraine war veteran fallen in Donbas

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"I do not know how to live without Roman, and the time does not cure. Good is that I have children for whom I live" 

"A sincere smile of my husband will never be erased from memory. His kindness, strong shoulder on which I could rely so unexpectedly went into eternity. Love, miss and still do not believe that our dear Roman died", the first thing that Tetiana Abramova says, recalling deceased Russia-Ukraine war veteran a soldier of the 30th detached mechanized brigade Roman Abramov. 

The would-be spouses were introduced to each other by Tetiana’s sister. Roman was a friend of her husband. "Once they were having company. There I saw Roman for the first time. My sister and her husband wanted me to find myself a nice man and to get married. Interestingly, at first, neither I nor Roman liked the idea of ​​dating. But then we got to talking and it turned out that we had a lot in common, the same outlook on life and similar interests", says the wife of the killed Ukraine Army soldier. 

After half a year the young people had a wedding-party. And soon there came a happy birth of Daniel, their first son. With the child, Roman Abramov began to pay more attention to the family and to help his wife. "I had a difficult pregnancy, and I had health problems even before. So Roman was always near me, helped me", says the woman. And two years later the couple enjoyed a second son Alexander. Tetiana says that the kids loved their Daddy, and he loved them. "He was with me at the birth, supported me. He was happy to hear each their word, was happy to have sons. He was very fond of strolling with them and cooking them, teaching them man's job", says the wife of Ukraine soldier. 

So Abramovs’ family lived, worked, had a happy life, and dreamed to educate children. But the war prepared for them a tragic ordeal. 

In the area of ​​Russian aggression in Donbas, east Ukraine, Roman Abramov was at Savur-Mohyla, Donetsk region. When he called home, he did not tell the details to his not to make her worried. In the morning, the day of his death, he managed to talk to her. "At 5:50 am Roman called me and asked if something happened to him, to take care of the children and to put them on their feet and not to miss him. Then, I did not realize until the end, what he said", barely holding back her tears says Tetiana. On that day the Russian army constantly shelled the strategic height. In one of such attacks a shell that exploded nearby killed Roman. 

"For four days I could not get Roman on the phone. Then he appeared on the network. I was so excited. I thought I finally could hear his voice. I called him, but instead, I heard the voice of a nurse from the Dnipro morgue, she told me that Roman was killed. At first, I could not believe it and thought that might be a mistake. It simply could not be! But when I saw the body... it was my Roman, all burnet, but on the neck there was a silver chain", said Tetiana Abramova. 

"So I have to learn to live without Roman, and the time does not cure, it aggravates. It is good that there are children for whom I live", says Tetiana Abramova the wife of the veteran of Russia-Ukraine war in the East of Ukraine. 

Now the family of Ukraine soldier Roman Abramov -0 wife Tetiana and two children: 3-year-old Daniel and 5-year-old Sasha - live in the apartment, which they acquired with the help of the state. But the apartment needs repair. The children grow quickly and need clothes and toys. But most of all, they lack their father. They understand that their Daddy is a Hero, and know that he died in the war, but still hope that he will return. Let's not leave without support the family of Ukraine Army soldier Roman Abramov who was killed in Russia-Ukraine war.

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Participant

Abramov Roman

Zhytomyr region
30th Mechanized Brigade, assistant gunner-bomber
28 y.o.
08.16.1986 - 07.31.2014
Killed in the battle for the strategically important heights Savur-Mohyla on Ukraine-Russia border.
Rank: Soldier.

Position: assistant gunner-bomber.

Division: 30th Detached Brigade.

Circumstances of the death: Killed in the battle for the strategically important heights on the border of Ukraine and Russia Savur-Mohyla, Donetsk region, east Ukraine after rocket shell explosion.

By the Ukraine President Decree number 270/2015 of 15 May 2015 "for personal courage and professionalism found in the defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath", Roman Abramov was awarded the Order "For courage» III degree (posthumously).


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